You Come Into my Senses

I like a lot of music. But some songs i like because of the lyrics. Either i could relate to them, or i really like the meaning. Every relationship, events, good, bad, sad or happy, i have songs for each and everyone of them. Like when i really got hurt and drowned myself with beer, all i have with me are my songs.

I would just listen, drink and cry all night. Well, that particular incident lasted for 2 years. I really got hurt cause i love that person so much. Oh well, thats another story. To cut it short, here is one song i like. It explains how i feel when i think of one person.. The love of my life, which i fondly call him.

The song is from Chicago. You Come Into My Senses..

You Come To My Senses


I really like this song.. Just posted it.. Heard it playing from my ipod and i remember someone from my past..

Sure I understand
Of course, I'll be fine
You had to change your plans,
Oh well, I'll just change mine
But if it turns out bad
And if your nights get long
And if she makes you sad
No need, to be strong
And if you ever change your mind
And find you miss those feelings that you left behind
We can give it one more try
Some magic place in time
If you ever change your mind

I guess I'd better go
You know I hate goodbyes
Let's not drag this out babe
I'll see ya 'round sometime
(Repeat Chorus)
Go, don't look back
Let the heartache pass
(Repeat Chorus)

Enjoy watching the video.. Hope you like it..


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