Back when we are still living in the Philippines, I often cook for my family and friends. That's why, we all got in the heavy side.  Now that my family lives here in America, we crave the food from our native country.

Luckily, there are lots of Asian groceries around our area here in Louisville and there are no shortage of ingredients of what food I decide to cook. Today, since it is snowing outside, I cooked something that I would like to eat when it's cold.

I found a recipe from daily rantings blog and I immediately started shopping for ingredients at our local asian grocery.


1/2 kilo sliced ox tail
1/2 kilo ox feet (he used beef skin in his original recipe)
1 small can of pork and beans
3 pieces ripe saba banana (sliced)
1 small bottle of creamy peanut butter
minced spring onions
2 onions, medium sized
ground black pepper
chopped ginger

prepare the ox tail, ox feet, onions, ginger and water in a pressure cooker. If you don't have a pressure cooker you can just use a regular saucepan. Pressure cooker makes it more tender quicker. Season your ox tail and ox feet with salt and pepper generously then put everything in the pressure cooker. Cook for about 40 - 60 minutes.

Carefully open the pressure cooker. Make sure all the steam is gone before opening it. The put the remaining ingredients. The meat should be really tender and the skin should be jelly like. Put the remaining ingredients, banana, peanut butter and pork and beans. Stir to mix the peanut butter and pork in beans and then simmer for another 5-10 minutes.

Garnish with the spring onions and serve while hot...

I tried playing Flappy Bird in my brothers phone just last week because of the buzz around it. I found it really addicting but, I put off downloading it to my phone. When I went to the App Store this morning, it was no longer available.

The developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, officially removed the app from the App Store and google play. I read about his reason to remove the app in this article from Forbes.

So, I tried to look for a game that I can play that is like Flappy Bird and I found, City Bird.

It is basically like Flappy bird, except the background is in the city and instead of tunnels, the developer made it into buildings. It is still annoying like Flappy Bird, cause I can't seem to move past 9 which is my best score.

The developer of the app is Markku Vietnen. It probably is a new app cause not many people have downloaded it yet. But if you want to download Flappy Bird, you can download City Bird-Flappy Flyer instead as a replacement. You can view the app City Bird- Flappy Flyer and download it through the app store. It is compatible with iphone and ipad.

Hibachi Sushi Buffet

My family loves to eat out and we normally go to food buffets. We have probably tried every major buffet restaurants here in Louisville. Today we decided to try Hibachi Sushi Buffet by Bardstown Rd. near Ryans Buffet Restaurant.

We we're amazed to see the warm atmosphere inside and the food selections were great. Aside from the variety, there is so much for you to choose from. It is at the same price for most chinese buffet at $ 10 per person. We never went to this place before because my family doesn't eat sushi and they thought it was only a sushi buffet but it is not. It is like any chinese buffet restaurant but also with a lot of other food choices and of course sushi...

We will held our valentines celebration here on the 11th, so I will take more pictures then... I am still stuffed until now. I definitely  recommend it...

I just received my Virtual Wallet Card from PNC Bank today. I am so excited to use the features of the account. As a working student, I have to make track of my spending habits and PNC's Virtual Wallet is a great tool to have for that.

I have another checking account from another bank and I can't save a dime. I just keep on swiping my debit card and doing withdrawals on the ATM machine and then once you check on your balance, its all gone. Now, I have to take charge of my spending and actually save for the rainy day.

PNC's Virtual Wallet Account is great for students. Student accounts doesn't have any maintaining balance, no opening account fee and it earns interest depending on how much money is in your growth account. It has 3 accounts, the spending account(where you put all the money you wish to spend on your checking), the reserve account (for short term savings goals), and the growth account(this is where you put your money for savings). College students can avail of opening this account and you can have it for 6 years. After 6 years it will transfer as a traditional Virtual Wallet Account. It has no age limit as long as you are studying in college or in high school you can apply.

What I did was split my salary in half. The other half goes to my other bank for the bills and the other half I asked to be put on my PNC growth account. This was, I can save money and just leave it there to earn interest. Eventually when my salary increases, I will also increase the money I put into the account.

I researched online for a great student account and I think PNC's Virtual Student Account is the best I can find.

Working in America

So, I am now working in the land of opportunities. I have only been in the US for a month when I felt restless and missing my old career working for the cruise ships. A lot of my friends offered words of wisdom and a lot of advices. They said, I am now here, make the best out of it, cruise ship jobs wont be as secured as working on land, you are just starting your life in America it will eventually be better and a lot more. So I guess I just sucked it in and applied to any where I could be accepted.

Fast forward 7 months later, I now work at one of the biggest hospitals in my state. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant(a very different career than massage therapy). Before that I worked for 2 months for UPS then studied to become a Nurse Assistant. I took the board exams and passed it.

Applying for the hospital position wasn't easy. Normally, most nurse assistants end up working at a nursing home and I thought I was also going to that path. In God's grace, we got help from an insider in the hospital(who was a nurse ). She talked to the Nurse Manager to set up an interview for me and everything else is history.

I have been working at the hospital for 3 months now. I went back to college to finish my Nursing degree. Now I am a full time student and a part time Nurse Assistant.

Now, I think my life here is starting to shape up. I can't wait for what God has in store for me and my family for the following months...


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