Totally Hilarious...

A funny video I found at Famous Last Nerds, even their site's name is goofy... Anyway this video tackles issues about finding someone online, using social media sites, dating sites and almost every online advertising sites... And all the funny experiences he encounters while he is there. Worth watching... Enjoy...

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I am guilty...

Yes, I am guilty... I have been spending so much time with my work and business that I have unknowingly neglected my daughter. I haven't gone to her school play or help her study for her exams. Now I feel that she's being so distant. I think she's somehow mad at me. It is so hard being a mother and having a career all together. How can I make her feel that she's the most important person to me and that I love her so much... Well, I guess, I have to make some drastic actions and spend more time with my little girl or else, she will forever drift away from me...



Yes, it is Friday. I love Friday's , because it is the last work day of the week... Tomorrow we will be at Mom's and we're probably be going to the gym. I need to lose weight, have gained to much over the course of 2 months. Maybe will be getting back to that 3 day fad diet, which I shed of a few pounds and about 2 sizes smaller... The thing is when it is over, you'll go back to excessive eating, and you eventually gain back all the pounds you have lost, plus the extra... Getting back at the gym will probably be the best solution and of course, diet, diet and lots of water... Get rid of beer...Hehehe! myspace graphic comments
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My day started pretty nice. I am confronted by a pleasant memories from the past years... Seems like the songs playing on the radio wherever I go are about him. I wonder why? Maybe he is back from Dubai. I heard from his brothers that he is in Dubai, performing with another band. I am talking about my past love and lets just call him Bee... I watched some of his videos and memories crawled back just like it was yesterday.

Oh well, it was a nice memory alright. I just hope when we see each other, all will still be the same. And I hope he hasn't changed.

Everyone here at our house is panicked over the milk they have purchased during the last few months. I told them, well nothing happened to you guys, and no one from our family have been poisoned. My Mom is really an avid fan of these made in China products. Ranging from their cosmetics, clothes, toys, furniture and food, because it is a lot more cheaper than the average brand.

I remember in 2006, there was a warning about buying Chinese cosmetics as to it brings certain illnesses through the skin. Like cancer. I told My Mom about that, but still she didn't listen and continued patronizing Chinese products.

Then just about last year when baby cribs made in china was being recalled in major stores in the US because of being unsafe for infants an toddlers alike... Full story here.

The Chinese trade has grown global. It has been like this for many years. Big companies tend to outsource their workers from China. So as a result, almost all of the popular brands we are wearing are not US made anymore. It is made in China. But the raw materials are of course from the US.

They make almost everything now. Trying to imitate US made products. And surprisingly, they also look the same. Like the mobile phones. But when you actually try it, you will know it is not the original product.

Now, the Chinese are on the spotlight again. Apparently, their milk powder has melamine on it.
The tainted milk powder has killed several babies in China and injured more than 6,000 others, many with kidney stones or kidney failure. This is a shameful betrayal of families who relied on their government and corporate leaders to protect them. (from the Herald Tribune)

So, what is Melamine? I have read that it is a chemical used to make plastics, fertilizers and kitchenwares. What is it doing on milk products that children mostly use? The manufacturers are trying to cut down their production costs by putting water in fresh milk, then adding melamine to artificially inflate the reading for protein levels. And they know that milk is not tested for melamine, not until now.

With all these problems being brought up by using made in China products, how should people react? I think not all of the products from China are harmful. Just like the cough medicine I use today. It is made from China but it is much better than the medicines I buy from the pharmacy. I guess, we should all be careful in what we buy. Check the ingredients and watch for consumer reviews.

I understand that people patronize these products because it is really cheap. But in the long run, some may cause potential harm in our bodies... Choose wisely...

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Very Disturbing...

Pictures from wikipedia

Pardon me with the graphic illustration of the picture... Just read an article about The Nanking Massacre. I am no history expert, but I like reading through what happened in the past. The Japanese Imperial Army really did much damage to a lot of people before. Mostly their neighboring Asian countries. In the Philippines, they have killed thousands of people and raped women, children and the elderly. Leaving the family grief stricken... The Nanking Massacre was pure cruelty. I know the Japanese now is way too different from the Imperial army before. Just want people to remember how harsh and devastating it is for a country to be in a war... I hope, we never experience this, ever again...

One of those days...

Today is a really bad day... To start of, I had an argument with my landlady. It is about money matter's. Probably almost everyone these days are arguing over money. Too bad, where's the happiness laid on? Does it really mean, people can't be happy without money? Another one of my close friend called me just before lunch. He said his girlfriend broke it off with him, again, because he has no money. And that the said girl was really tired of having nothing. What is happening these days? There's no more peace and harmony, love is all gone and replaced with hate... I hope things will change, soon...

I know its late but I'll make a post about it anyway. September 15, at the Madison Square garden, our very own Charice Pempengco, sang a duet with Ms. Celine Dion. Wow, I am so proud of her. Got teary eyed when I read all the wonderful things Ms. Celine told about Charice. Thanks to the Oprah Winfrey Show, it was made possible... Charice is a 16 year old girl from the Philippines. Who started singing at the age 4. Her mother made her join singing contests in which she won most of them. She was discovered abroad though a video post made in youtube... She had performed with the likes of Andrea Bocelli and David Foster. had tv guestings at the Ellen Degeneres Show, Oprah, Paul O'Grady Show in England... She's a very remarkable kid and I am so proud of her... More power to you Charice, continue making your star shine...

More about the article about Ms. Celine and Charice's duet here.

Here are parts of the video from the performance:

Part 1

Part 2

Yesterday after work, I went home to our house @ R. Magsaysay St. We have 2 houses, one where my family lives and one near my daughter's school with our store, in Ma-a. During weekday's I live in Ma-a but all the time I just stay wherever I feel like staying. So as I was saying, yesterday, I stayed at R.Magsaysay. When I am there, I just fix my things, cook for Mom and play with my brother Ej.

Mom also makes me reformat or fix the computer, put songs to her mp3 player, do anything that she doesn't know how to do. Then Mom out of the blue just decided to have a massage service at home.

Mom and I are really addicted to massage and spa. Almost we have been to almost every spa and massage parlor in our city. But one thing, it is still special to have it right in your home, with a blind masseuse.

Randy is a blind masseuse. He is blind since birth. He is in his 20's. I have known him for almost 5 years already. We met at a local gym, where he was the resident masseuse. Then and until now, he has been my favorite. He combines all massage styles and hit it right to the veins. After the massage, you'll feel rejuvenated... Having a massage is one of my favorite things to do...

If ever you are here at Davao City, you might want to call him for a home service... His number is +639176464406, Just look for Randy...

The Bureau of Communication... Yes, fancy name. Sounds like a government agency but it is not. There are some thoughts that go unwritten and you can't express verbally. The Bureau of Communication by Magnetism, has changed all that. By simply filling up the appropriate form to use, and with one click, you'll be able to say what you want to say to the person involved. They have a variety of forms you can download for free...

Unscheduled Impairment
Declaration of Romantic Intent
Unsolicited Feedback
Observance of Holiday
Statement of Gratitude

and a lot more...

Visit the site for more details... Ciao!

At the office...

I am at work. But I am not feeling well. My cold is acting up. On the way to work, I was thinking what I am going to post on my blog today? Surprisingly, I can't think of anything. My mind is blocked out. I haven't slept well last night because it was so hot. The fan broke down... I managed to sleep at about 4am. Woke up cranky but still went to work.

At work, read a few messages on my email... A lot of work needs to be done...
I hope my day ends well. God bless everyone...

Desperate Housewives

Yes, the title itself is very catchy. It is about a group of girls who are all in a relationship or married. Different story plots, funny things that happen in real life. They are currently airing season 5. Personally have watched season 1 - 4, can't wait for the new season to air here at our country. For more information about the show click here.

Long weekend...

Had a nice long weekend. Have rested well and now back to work... :) Actually, I have been sick. So no fun weekend for me. Just spent some quality time with my family...

Love Never Fails...

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Love never fails? Or does it? In my opinion, as far as love is concerned, it depends on how you view the aspect of love. If you are a type of person who no matter how much hurt have come your way, still manage to get up and fall in love again, I guess love never fails for them. But if you are one like many others who have fallen deeply fallen in love and have betrayed by the person you've loved. Have gone drinking and feeling miserable, welcome to the club... :) That was before anyway...

Love is really a wonderful feeling, when both of you are still in to each other. Reality somehow steps in and ruin everything. I hate to be biased in my opinion. I have been in love for a lot of times already. Been happy, sad, excited, duped, broken, every other feeling about love has come my way... In the end, it all comes to being compatible and being friends with the person you love.

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When all the physical beauty falters, all that's left is being a good companion and friend. What if you don't have much in common? You end up looking for another person to supplement what is lacking in your life.

Just a thought, choose from the heart... Find your soul mate...

Special.... by Garbage

A Great song from my favorite artist, Shirley Manson of Garbage...

I'm living without you but
I know all about you
I have run you down into the ground
Spread disease about you over town

I used to adore you
I couldn't control you
There was nothing that I wouldn't do
To keep myself around and close to you

Do you have an opinion
A mind of your own
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
But I've run out of patience
I couldn't care less

Do you have an opinion
A mind of your own
I thought you were special
I thought you should know

I used to amuse you
But I knew that I'd lose you
Now you're here and begging for a chance
But there's no way in hell I'd take you back

Do you have an opinion
A mind of your own
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
But I've run out of patience
I've run out of comments
I'm tired of the violence
I couldn't care less

I'm looking for a new infection (x4)
But we were the talk of the town (x4)

I thought you were special (repeat until end),

I don't know if you have heard about Shane. Shane is a character from the tv series called the L word. Her real name is Katherine Moennig. She plays a playgirl character, that can't be loyal to anyone of her relationships. She's fiercely loyal to her friends though. Not until the end of season 5. Where she betrayed her friend Jenny... I'll spare you the details. I could also remember my bestfriend. They have a similar lifestyle... :) Sorry bai, hehehe.

The big question that everyone's asking, is Katherine Moennig gay?

If you watched the series, you'll say she's definitely gay. But no one is confirming it. She allegedly have a relationship with Francesca Gregorini, ex girlfriend of Portia de Rossi, Ellen Degeneres wife. We will just be left guessing... Until they spill the beans themselves. All I can say is, Katherine is a great actress... Aside from that, She's incredibly cute...


I am currently going through assessing my life's accomplishments. What have I done right and what I have done wrong? Have I helped people who are in need? Or just simply ignored them. I have turned 29 last June, and as I am approaching the age 30, I keep on asking myself, What is my purpose in this life?

I know I haven't done much. I made a lot of mistakes and learned from it along the way. I have renewed my relationship with the lord Jesus Christ. I try to pray and depend my life on him. I have a beautiful child that is a blessing to me. Makes me want to live my life more. I am not perfect, and I still make mistakes everyday. But I want to try and make my life more meaningful. Be helpful to others, not to be angry all the time, stop blaming others, remove all the hate in my heart and love the lord more than ever.

The L Word....

The L Word...

This show was introduced to me by a friend of mine, who is a closet case. Yeah, she wants go to to my house to watch a certain tv series that she said, I would absolutely like. She had a whole 3 part series of a tv series called the L Word. I have no clue on what kind of show was that, until we turned on the dvd player. We started watching it at 3pm straight to 11am the next morning. That's what you call a dvd marathon.

The show is really nice. Talks about all kinds of lesbian characters that actual lesbians can relate to. I studied in an all girls school way back in my high school years. So, that definitely explains my set of friends and my behavior.

What struck me most are the situations portrayed in the series, are almost alike in the situations my friends were in. From being a closet case, to having lots of girlfriends, cheating, living in, adopting a child and so much more.

The series now just ended in series no. 5. We will be waiting for the next series 6, that will come out sometime next year.

Will blog more about the L Words character next time... Ciao!!!

Hello Guys...

Been busy at work, haven't found time to post anything until now. My stepdad just arrived from the states. So we're probably going out on a vacation. Will keep you updated. Ciao!...


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