Martha Stewart's Chow Chow Dogs...

I am a huge fan of Chow chow dogs and I know of one celebrity who also love this cute dog breed... Martha Stewart, who wouldn't know her? In case some of you guys don't know her, she's an American celebrity. She has her own tv show, a magazine and also a beautiful farm called Martha's vineyard where a lot of tourist go and visit.

Martha has a lot of pets. But she is really fond of Chow chow's. Her pet Pawpaw died April this year, so she's looking for a replacement. Here are the pictures of the puppies that she had been choosing from.

Aren't they cute? Yes, Martha has to choose only one of them. She thinks having the three would mean trouble.

More about that article found on Martha's Blog.

Martha's Dogs:

Paw paw

Adorable dogs... Martha also have french bulldogs...



All cute and adorable.

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