We all know that cats and dogs are not the best of friends. But this extraordinary tale, is quite heart warming... In Sydney Australia, a dog has been hailed as a hero when he risk his life trying to save newborn kittens from a fire in his house.

Fire fighters said that when they arrived at the scene, Leo (the dogs name) was still found alongside the kittens and refused to leave the house in spite of the thick smoke from the blazing fire. He didn't even think that he would also have died, he just thought of the kittens. Luckily the firefighters came to the rescue.

Leo and the kittens have all survived the ordeal and the firefighters got close to the Leo which they nicknamed 'Smoky'. Full Article Source

I am a huge dog lover. I have 6 of them at our house. I own a chow chow, poodle, Japanese spitz and a rottweiler. My rottweiler Missy died of Parvo. Had a hard time getting over that,but now I am finally okay. I am now considering buying a new dog. This time a German Shepherd. German shepherds are good guard dog. My dad used to own 2 of them. They are fierce to strangers but deeply loving and loyal to its owners.

I have been browsing through websites about German shepherd and I have found one that has everything I need to know about this dog breed. Total German Shepherd is a website dedicated to the dog breed. They have information about the dogs history, different coat colors, training a German shepherd, and they have a lot of cool photos/ videos of German shepherd.

If you are looking for information about German shepherd, Total German Shepherd is the website you need to go to. They have all the information you need and more...

Cool Bookmarklets...

If you haven't noticed. I just recently added some cool bookmarkets, at the bottom of my every post. I have been looking for this for quite some time now and I am happy to have found the site that has easy to follow instructions on how to install it... Thanks, Bloggerplugins.org for giving us an easy alternative... If you want to put these social bookmarklets to your own blog click here for the full instructions.

A Cause Of Alarm...

I have seen and read a lot of blogs but only a few issues affect me the most. This blog that I have just recently stumbled is about the US-Mexican Border. How illegal immigrants dangerously cross the border in hopes of landing a decent paying job in America. BorderMovie Blog is a blog about a documentary film that shows how dangerous crossing the borders would be. Both for the Mexicans and Americans. There are also a handful of American families who own ranches near the border that gets affected by this. Their children play in their backyard only to find some skeletal remains of bodies scattered everywhere. They constantly hear shots fired and would only wonder what they would find in their backyard the next day.

It is not only these families who are affected. All the people in America are. Drug traffickers, murderers and even terrorist have freely crossed these borders. They are living legally in all the different states of America.

Also people from Mexico who cross the border illegally are in danger. They put their lives at risk by trying to pass the border. Most of them don't make it. Women, children and men die mostly by dehydration.

I hope the people behind Border Movie would get noticed. Let us help spread this, so that the US government would act...

Cool Site...

Meez is a cool site thats created for pure fun and enjoyment. If you haven't tried going to the site, you are losing half of your social life... Meez is both for the young and the young at heart. When you get to the site, you will create an avatar to represent yourself. The avatar can be used in your blogs and other social networks sites.

Then after creating an avatar, you could create your room. Your room could be a living room, band rehearsal room, a really big closet or anything that you like. Once you join you will have 2500 coins instantly. You will need coins to purchase some of the premium items that are available in the site. To purchase coins, you either can join their online playroom to earn points, for the easy way, you could just purchase it with your credit card or your nearest best buy stores. Meez is actually like yahoo avatars, but more sophisticated and loaded with a lot of features.

There is also an online community, where you could chat away with your fellow meez members. They have different topics there that will surely cater to your tastes. It is also a fun time for you and your kid. Most kids now are into virtual world, so why not join in with them, to get closer...

Here's another fun way to spice up your photos... Photofunia, is a site where you could choose photo effects and then upload your photo into the actual effect. making your photo part of the picture... They have a lot of photo effects available and it can be addicting. You can make one of your own and put it in your my space, Friendster, Facebook or on your blog.

I've got mine done. I haven't resized it so it is huge... Try it for yourselves here. Have fun...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Taking Great Photos...

I enjoy taking photos of different subjects. It is my personal hobby. I use the photos to make scrapbooks and post it on my online profiles. Just recently I want to really learn how to take professional looking photos. I searched around the internet for some guide and I have found a photoblog that is useful for those who want to learn a trick or two about taking great pictures.

A1 Phototips is a blog for photography amateurs and enthusiasts that wants to learn more about the craft. It is a useful website especially to those who are just beginning this hobby. I have taken notes of some of the techniques myself. So I am going to take photos of my pets first as my models...

Taking great photos is also great for your blog. You can express more if you have pictures to show. Taking photos is as easy as point and click, but taking great photos need more techniques and a bit of learning...

Found this online from comedyplus.blogspot.com. And it somehow made me laugh and forgot that I was mad about something.

The Evolution Of Man

I have stumbled upon a really funny photo. Courtesy of joe-ks.com.

It illustrates about how most people get huge by eating too much fast food. More and more children and adult's are becoming obese, having no exercise and the right diet. But some say that fast food is much more popular because it is cheaper than healthy foods and it is also readily available. No need to go to the market and cook it. But if you try to analyze it, fast food could cause potential harm to your health in the long run. You have to make the right choice now, not tomorrow.

Eat healthy, live healthy and be happy...

British teenagers who tried to snatch the purse of a Grandmother got the surprise of their lives. The 68 yr old lady who happens to be a former cross-country champion gave them a run for their money and chased after them. The grandmother Janet Lane, was waiting for a friend when one of the three teenagers grabbed her purse containing her months pension.

The boys thought I was a easy catch, so they just approached me and grabbed my bag, she said. She jumped right away and ran after them. Afterwards she caught one by the collar. The boy was so afraid that he managed to get away from the firm grip and let go of the bag.

The retired nurse, still keeps in shape by swimming and walking. The police are investigating the incident and advised the public not to follow Lane's example.Full article source

Who among you are not dreaming of having this much cash in your bank accounts? I am dreaming of it constantly... Only a few privilege people do get their hands on that much cash though. So I am thinking of really working hard, grow my business and work abroad... But even with this 3 things, still I can't become a millionaire. About the day before, our lottery jackpot went up to P131,367,621.60... And guess what, there is only 1 potential winner... That lucky .... :) The person correctly guessed the winning combinations. I think the winner will probably be in hiding. As great wealth also brings you great danger... I really don't want to be a millionaire, Ohws??? Well yeas, I want to, but with my own hard work and perseverance... See you all on top. As for betting on the lottery, it is like a needle on a haystack... But who knows, the needle might be meant for you...

I am really worried about my weight. I have gained more weight now more than ever. it is time to take some drastic action. I have decided to do the 3 day diet plan again... It is my second time doing this. The first time, I had to lose weight quickly because I am my Mothers maid of honor at her wedding... Surprisingly I lost weight and became thinner... But with an unhealthy eating habits, gained all the weight back again...

I started on the plan just today. Ate 1 toast, a cup of coffee, half grapefruit and a spoon of peanut butter for my breakfast. This diet really needs discipline. After days you will lose weight if you follow the diet strictly. After the diet plan, you could resume to your normal eating habits and go back to the plan after 5 days. Of course you need to cut down your food intake to maintain what you have lost...

The 3 Day Diet Plan:

Day 1


Black Coffee or Tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal

1/2 Grapefruit or Juice

1 Toast with 1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter


1/2 Cup of Tuna

1 Toast

Black Coffee or Tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal


3 Oz. any lean meat or chicken

1 cup green beans

1 cup carrots

1 apple

1 cup regular vanilla ice cream



black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal

1 Egg

1/2 Banana

1 Toast


1 cup cottage cheese or tuna

8 regular saltine crackers


2 beef franks

1 cup broccoli or cabbage

1/2 cup carrots

1/2 banana

1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream



black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal

5 regular saltine crackers

1 oz. cheddar cheese

1 apple


1 boiled egg

1 toast

black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal


1 cup tuna

1 cup carrots

1 cup cauliflower

1 cup melon

1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream

Will give you an update on Monday about the results... Happy weekend...


This is definitely one of those days where I can't think of anything to write... I am really tired. We bought stocks for my friends store. We were out for a few hours. Walking and choosing what products to sell... I miss having my massage... Update tomorrow...

Yesterday, my friend Rachel and I went to their house. Her father was there lying on the bed placed at the living room. All of the people there were just passing by him, completely ignoring what his current condition. Rachel and I went out for a while to go buy some food. When we got back to their house, everyone there was panicked. Rachel's father whom I fondly call Uncle, is acting strangely. He kept on laughing then suddenly gets mad. Then he collapsed. He was white all over.

We have administered first aid treatment and had him steamed in the portable sauna because he was constantly complaining pain on his stomach. I massaged him using essential oils. We gave him hot milk and gave him a sponge bath.

He later told me that he haven't been eating for 3 days already. His children are too busy doing their own business. Just passes by him. He felt alone and so depressed. That he thought of ending his life by not eating.

I really felt bad for him... I told Rachel about it, she felt so guilty. They organized a meeting. To discuss what care they could give their father, now that he is old and needs them more than ever.

I just hope I have instilled good values to my daughter. One day, we will all be old. Will there be someone to take good care of us? Show us love and attention? Just form lasting and loving relationships with those important to you... I surely don't want to end up in the elderly home someday... How about you?

Check it out...

I have stumbled upon a great Filipino blog... It is from General Santos City. The Blog is titled Tatay Pepes. It is actually a blog for Tatay Pepe Restaurant... Check it out if you want. You'll find a lot of interesting things while you're there... If you want to link to their website, Click here... Thanks

Sibling Rivalry...

All of us have probably experienced rivalry among our siblings. Whether it is the attention of our parents or each others achievements. I have 3 brothers, the eldest and the only daughter... My brother who is next to me is the one I am constantly having problems with. He is 4 years my junior. Although we don't argue or fight that much, I just hate it when he thinks that he is loved more by our dad. We are both children of our mom and dad and our other 2 brothers are my mothers son from her boyfriend after our parents separated.

Back to the story. Our dad, still supports us financially. When I was still studying, Dad, pays for my tuition and allowances. Now that I have finished schooling, My dad then supported my brothers education.

Now that Dad, sends money to him, he thinks he is loved more than me. I really don't mind that much, because I know it is not true. He always brings it up, that he is more favored than me, to a point that it becomes so annoying.

Until at what point should we be patient with our brothers? What if they hurt our feelings? I don't want to be mad at him, but I hope he changes his ways. It is not all the time that our dad will be there to support him financially. He spends money like a king... Like theres no tomorrow. He did not enroll at college. Just spent his money to his friends. I hope one day he will realize what he is doing is wrong.

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I have a terrible headache today... Didn't get much sleep because of the party we went to last night... I had a great time though...


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