Ondoy-aftermath 059

Tropical storm Ondoy (international codename Ketsana) have devastated the whole nation. Images and videos of people stucked in the roofs of their houses, children swimming in muddy waters, cars thrown upside down and the death toll of 141 with 37 (as of this moment) reported cases of people missing. The search and rescue team are still looking for people stranded in their homes.

With this tragedy , the Filipino people are once again tested. Many have donated relief goods, food, clothes and money, thanks to the continues efforts of the celebrities, news anchors, private citizens and some politicians.

The rain came pouring last saturday. People in the Philippines are used to storms, but they have not anticipated whats to come. People just saw the danger when the flood came in their homes and later swept cars, shanty houses and the height of the water went up to 20 ft.

With the water coming flooding , some people went up to the roof and waited there to be rescued, while other braved the waters and went with the raging flash flood.

Women, Children, Babies, Old people are the most vulnerable and a lot of them were stranded for 2 days, as of this moment the search still continues as reports of other people stucked in their houses continue to pour.

The rescued are all placed in evacuation centers, schools, basketball courts and churches. They badly need food, clothes, mattress and medicine.

A lot of the victims, lost everything. Their house and their things that took years to accumulate. All is fair with the victims, both rich or poor have been affected.

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