Amazing Crayon Art by Don Marco

I am a huge lover of the arts. From music, poetry and paintings. God only gave me the gift of music. So I can't really draw great pictures and write romantic poetry, although I did try in my younger years. Everyone could be a good poet, depending on what they feel inside the moment they write something for that someone or anything particular.

There are many forms of art and one of this is drawing. But can you ever imagine drawing a picture using crayons and could still look lifelike? At first I was skeptical but when I saw the works of Don Marco, I was stunned. The pictures are absolutely flawless.

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Don Marco or Mr. Crayola as popularly called is a master of this medium. He uses common crayons to do his art work. He was born on Northern Minnesota in the late 1920's. He served in the Army Air Corp when he was a young adult and then began his life long career in Air Traffic Control. He does his art works on his spare time.

Before retirement, he have mastered a technique of using crayons for his artworks. He became in demand and is sought after by the likes of Burt Reynolds and other famous people.

Here are some of his artworks from his website.

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Burt Reynolds

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Tom Selleck

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Apache Warrior
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Clint Eastwood

View more of his amazing works at his website.

Great works done in crayons. Enjoy and share with everyone...

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    Thanks for putting this up. Nice work.

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