The New Ipod Shuffle is another revolutionary device from apple. It is by far the smallest model of the Ipod family and full packed with features that have just been developed by Apple. Don't be fooled by its size. It is 1.8"x0.3" thin to be exact. Smaller than your average house keys. But its got 4gb of memory which stores up to 1000 songs.

Unlike the previous versions of the Ipod shuffle, the control center of this one is conveniently located at the right ear bud, which is very easy to access. Just clip it on your sleeves and you're good to go.

This Ipod shuffle also has voice over capabilities, where you could press it to know which song is playing, what's the next song and if your ipod needs to be charged. You could also create playlists so you could listen to music depending on your mood. No need for a screen to browse songs, because voice over will take care of it.

A great accessory that you'll love to carry around wherever you go. The New ipod shuffle, definitely is a stunner. It costs just $79 in the states and P4,190.00 in the Philippines. There are 2 colors available, black and white. If you buy it online, you can choose to have it personalized by having a message engraved on it. Also offers free shipping if bought on apple online stores worldwide...
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Just 2 weeks ago, I purchased my first domain at . I will use it as a practice site for my blogging career. As a first timer with this situation, I had to rely on several online tutorials on how to link my domain name from to my hosting account in In the beginning I was really freaking out because I had to learn it every step of the way.

It was confusing at first but then I understood it as I went along with the online video instructions at becomeablogger. I use a different domain registrant and hosting account, didn't use what they recommended yet because I have learned from most of the forums that is the best domain registrant and I used because they offer a monthly payment scheme in which, I could always discontinue if I don't like the services they will give me.

In linking your domain name to your hosting account, go to your domain registrars account and access your control panel. Use the username and password that you have given when you have registered. In the control panel, you coulod edit/change your personal info, like name, phone numbers, address, because all of this are accessible through whois inquiry. You wouldn't want spammers to spam your email. So be cautious in the info you put here.

Back to the original topic, look for the DNS servers. After locating this, you can go to your email and read the email sent to you by the hosting company containing the DNS servers.

The DNS servers is what "connects hosting with the domain name" and your web host will most likely provide you with a set of DNS servers, both primary and secondary.Enter the new DNS information to your domains control panel and you are set to go.

I hope this was helpful for you...

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