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The Star of the hit series Charlie's Angels had passed away. Farah succumbed to her long battle with anal cancer at Saint John's hospital in Santa Monica announced by her longtime companion, actor, Ryan O'neal.

Fawcett was married to Lee Majors, star of TV's The Six Million Dollar Man, from 1973–1982, though the couple separated in 1979. During her marriage, she was known and credited in her roles as Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

From 1982 until her death, Fawcett was involved romantically with actor Ryan O'Neal. The relationship produced a son, Redmond O'Neal, born in 1985.

Fawcett agreed to marry O'neal just a few days before she passed away. They were just waiting for her to be in good shaped...

Condolence to her family and friends... She will always be an angel for everyone who knew her...
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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, 50, died in UCLA Medical Center of Cardiac Arrest. The Pop star was staging a string of comeback concerts in London. I was shocked when I heard about this. Fans from all over the world mourns the King of Pop, who made the hits like, Billy Jean, Thriller and Beat it.

Michael Jackson was also once married to Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley's daughter. They were together for 2 years and then got divorced. After Lisa Marie, he married, Deborah Jeanne Rowe, a dermatologist nurse. With Rowe, he fathered 2 children, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (also known as "Prince"), and a daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. After the couple divorced in 1999, with Rowe giving full custody rights of the children to Jackson, they remained friends. He also had a third child, by a surrogate mother, through artificial insemination, Prince Michael Jackson II (also known as Blanket) was born in 2002.

Michael, is very famous around the world. His troubles began when he was accused of molesting children in his Neverland Ranch. He became a recluse and faded into the spotlight. News about him occasionally crop out. Like when he is in Dubai, staying with wealthy friends and the news about dangling his child Blanket at the balcony of his room...

He had been addicted with a lot of medications for stress and pain... His health began to deteriorate and he was also diagnosed with vitiligo, that caused his skin to whiten...

Although a lot of media hype had caused Jackson's fall to fame, he is still well respected and very much loved by his fans. Fans flooded his website with messages of condolences and grief causing it to crash at 9:00am... Radio stations have been playing his songs and people are blogging about him.

It is such a shame that he wasn't able to do his comeback... Tickets have been sold like hotcakes... It would have been his last comeback...

As a child, I grew up to his songs, fell in love with his ballads and adored his dance moves. I hope he finds the peace that he had been longing for all his life...
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Just received an email from my hubby... He is so fond of sending me great forwarded messages. I just want to share this one to you guys...

There is a huge rock near a gravel pit on Hwy. 25 in rural Iowa. For generations, kids have painted slogans, names,

and obscenities on this rock, changing its character many times. A few months back, the rock received its latest

paint job, and since then it has been left completely undisturbed.It's quite an impressive sight. Be sure to scroll

down and check out the multiple photos.(all angles) of the rock.I thought the flag was draped over the rock,

but it's not. It's actually painted on the rock too.

This is the guy who did the painting... Ray"Bubba" Sorensen

Such a great artist... We should pass this on...:)

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