Virtual Student Account By PNC

I just received my Virtual Wallet Card from PNC Bank today. I am so excited to use the features of the account. As a working student, I have to make track of my spending habits and PNC's Virtual Wallet is a great tool to have for that.

I have another checking account from another bank and I can't save a dime. I just keep on swiping my debit card and doing withdrawals on the ATM machine and then once you check on your balance, its all gone. Now, I have to take charge of my spending and actually save for the rainy day.

PNC's Virtual Wallet Account is great for students. Student accounts doesn't have any maintaining balance, no opening account fee and it earns interest depending on how much money is in your growth account. It has 3 accounts, the spending account(where you put all the money you wish to spend on your checking), the reserve account (for short term savings goals), and the growth account(this is where you put your money for savings). College students can avail of opening this account and you can have it for 6 years. After 6 years it will transfer as a traditional Virtual Wallet Account. It has no age limit as long as you are studying in college or in high school you can apply.

What I did was split my salary in half. The other half goes to my other bank for the bills and the other half I asked to be put on my PNC growth account. This was, I can save money and just leave it there to earn interest. Eventually when my salary increases, I will also increase the money I put into the account.

I researched online for a great student account and I think PNC's Virtual Student Account is the best I can find.


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