We went to church last Sunday and I was really touched by the pastors message. As today's commercialism get more and more absurd, we all forget the true meaning of Christmas. Who is this season for and why we are all celebrating it?

First point, Santa Claus Vs. Jesus Christ. Nowadays, most people see Santa Claus as the symbol of Christmas, which is really not supposed to be. Whose billboards are hanging around tall buildings? Who are on all the commercials on TV? Who do children expect to come and give them gifts at Christmas? Answer to all the questions is Santa Claus. Who is Santa Claus anyway? Why are people revering to him more than Jesus during Christmas?

1881 Illustration of Santa Claus by Thomas Nast

Saint Nicholas - is a Saint and the bishop of Myra, part of what is not the modern day Turkey. He came from a wealthy family and had the reputation of secretly giving gifts. He is also the patron saint of sailors. He have supposedly saved life of a young sailor who fell from ship's rigging during storm.

He also have brought to life 3 young boys who have been butchered and placed in a barrel for curing to sell as ham.

Another popular on is the tale of the 3 virgins. A man who is so poor cannot afford dowry for his 3 children. He feared that they wouldn't be able to marry and wouldn't be employed. The only possible thing left for them to do is to be prostitutes. Hearing of the man's plight, Saint Nicholas, helped him. But he was modest and wanted to help the man secretly to avoid embarrassment, he threw gold coins into the 3 socks that were hanging on the fire place. This have been a tradition to a lot of homes up to this time. Hanging socks at doors, windows and fireplaces.

Saint Nicholas is just doing the deeds of the Lord. He is not supposed to be more popular than Jesus Christ, especially on the Lords birthday...

Jesus Christ, was born in a manger. He was clothed in rags and was born with simple parents. Mary and Joseph the carpenter. God the father, gave him to us, to save us from our sins. When in fact all of us are not worthy of it. He is the greatest gift that have been given to us. The gift of forgiveness and eternal life...

Second Point - Gift Giving

Why do we give gifts? What is your purpose in giving gifts? Gift giving has been a tradition especially at Christmas time. We have our exchange gifts and we expect to receive and give gifts to people we know and care about. There are about 5 types of gift giving.

Obligatory - Where you feel the need to give the gift. For example, every Christmas, your God children (Inaanaks) come to your house asking for their gifts. As a dutiful Godparent, you either have prepared a gift for them or give them cash gifts.

Exchange Gifts - Where you give gifts with each other.Like you have exchange gifts at home or at your workplace.

Favor Giving - You give gifts because of a favor done to you.

Sacrificial - Where you sacrifice some of your precious belongings or some of the things you usually do during Christmas and give to the poor instead...

Anonymous - Secretly giving gifts or help to people without disclosing your identity...

Which of these are you? Some people just give gifts because they know if they give, they will also receive. I wonder where the true spirit of Christmas is? Giving without expecting to receive, helping people in need, celebrating the true cause of this season, which is the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Third Point - Christmas for us

Who do we love at Christmas? Who do we prioritize? What is Christmas for us?

Christmas now has different meaning for people. Instead of thinking and being happy for the birth of Christ, we have made Christmas as time for worldly things.

Having the much awaited Christmas Vacation Leave for those who are working. Relaxing time, time to go on a tour, receiving/giving gifts, Christmas parties, getting new things and More money from Christmas bonus and gifts from relatives.

Now, where is Jesus Christ in all of this? What is our focus? We should all be grateful. The very best gift given to all of us is not wrapped in fancy gift wrapping, is not expensive, it is eternal but given for us free. Jesus Christ... Now think , What is Christmas for you? How do you celebrate it? What do you teach your children about it? Just a thought... Merry Christmas to all...

I just found this site and got interested by it. First of all I was looking for youtube videos and then I saw their ad saying earn more by watching youtube videos. Sounds interesting? So I got to their site and saw that it was basically a platform where you could rant about those things that you hate and rave about the things that you love, and that includes youtube videos.

Rant Rave is not just restricted for youtube videos. You can go on ranting about what you hate about politics, issues or simply talk about the movie you saw and the music you have just heard. You can earn money by putting your adsense code on your RantRave Page.

Go on and make your own RantRave page. Talk about whatever interests you and see people coming to your RantRave Page. Sign up is free and quick... Go on and sign up, don't be left behind... :)

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Almost all eyes are glued to their television yesterday, December 7 , as the "Dream Match" started. Some are skeptic that Manny Pacquiao would win because of the huge size advantage that Oscar De la Hoya poses, but Manny of course proved them wrong.

Both Manny and Oscar have earned names for themselves. Both also have risen from humble beginnings to becoming rich and famous. Both are legendary boxers.

I am really happy of the result. Manny was in great shape and was throwing punches at a very incredible speed, that Oscar can't hardly cope up. At round 6-7 I really felt sorry for Oscar, that I wanted him to surrender. Because his face was badly swollen. Even if Oscar De la Hoya lost the game, he was man enough to admit that he lost to a really great player and he had nothing to say but praises for Manny Pacquiao.

To our Manny, I hope you continue giving our country pride. Congratulations to your win and I hope, you won't change... Be humble and don't get all the fame and fortune get in your head...

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I know this topic maybe sensitive but I have just came across a post about having a Frenemy. It is not a new post, but it seem to be interesting enough because it touches some events that recently happened to me. Before, I had lots of friends, swarming around our house, accompanying me wherever I go and just being by my side always. Now I don't have them. All that is left are the ones who stucked through thick and thin with me. Every little move I make, my so called friends assists me and they are always there if I needed advice. When I went through some financial hardships, they suddenly were nowhere to be found.

My mom warned me about being too trusting and too generous to people. I tend to be very friendly, even if I have just met the person. I also lost some friends that I had way back when I was still in my high school years. So, were they really my friends? Or they are my frenemies? Friends and enemies at the same time. Or simply friends when you still have something to give.

This saddens me, but one positive thing I got out of this is, knowing who my real friends are. The ones who stood by me through thick and thin and doesn't ask for anything in return... Before, I couldn't count my friends with my 10 fingers, now they are only less than 10, but they are more than enough for me... I thank my real friends... You know who you are... I love you and will forever be thankful for being by my side always...

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Feed the fish...

Really cute I saw this at Abowman. Great t put on your blogger sidebar or on your desktop... Place your mouse inside and click to feed the fish... Enjoy...

Twilight The Movie

Me and my whole family watched this movie about 3 days ago. We were all excited and want to see the movie that people everywhere was talking about. I have never heard about the twilight series, only knew more after watching the movie. I researched about it online and found out that it was a series of books. No wonder when the movie ended, it seems like there is still a continuation for it.

It is a vampire love story. The whole setting is quite different from traditional vampire stories that we read from books or watch from movies. The vampires live in a very nice house, they own great cars and they could mingle around with people. When they are hit by the suns rays, they would only glitter, like diamonds sparkling. The story evolves around how Edward and Bella, came to know and love each other.

We think that the movie is great, but I have read some excerpts of the book and I think the book is much more exciting. In terms of how well the scenes are depicted. I am definitely going to buy the book series to know how the story would end.

If you have not watched the movie yet, better go to the nearest theater and watch it with your family and friends. Will have a review of the book after I buy and read it...

I have received this email on my inbox. My husband have forwarded it to me, and a few more people to ask how this can be done?

See for yourself and tell me if you know how this works or if you believe that it really does what it claims to do...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So? What do you think? You give the verdict...

I am no expert in magic but I know it is an optical illusion. I have read a few forums about it. They have successfully described how this can be done. There is also another variation of this magic form in this card trick.

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Yearbook Fun Pictures

I am absolutely going gaga over this new website that I have stumbled upon... Yearbook Yourself is a website which makes you transform your photos into old yearbook photos. It depends on what year you choose.

You could be in the 50'5, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's yearbook album. The best thing about it is, after making your yearbook, you could send it to your friends and they would also create their own yearbook picture and stick it on your home yearbook page.

Go ahead and create your own yearbook page, visit the site and see your photos transform.

When To Let Go?

When to let go? You will know when if you feel that the person has no respect for you. When you are being treated badly. When you don't feel that he loves you. When you know that he still loves someone else. When you don't get along. When he doesn't take you to their house. When he is with his friends more than he is with you. When you feel that you are being used.

When you can relate to those written above, I have an advice for you, why don't you just let go? There are a lot of guys out there. I am sure God has reserved someone wonderful for you. Do not drown yourself in misery, instead stand up and be strong. The guy you are with now, doesn't deserve you...

Just today, I was surprised to receive a call from an unknown number. When I answered it, the lady calling introduced herself. Saying that she is the girlfriend of my ex. Now I am confused, because there's a reason why he is already an ex. I told her hi and then asked her why she called. She told me that the guy and her had a huge fight(I have not met or ever spoke to this girl in the past, just this moment). So I told her, what does it have to do with me? She said I am the reason. Apparently my ex is still hunged up on me.

Now I am even more confused. I told her, I haven't seen the guy in years and we are not in speaking terms. She said that he still has this huge feelings for me. I told her, what happened to me and that guy happened in the past. Both of us are now happy and contented with our lives now. When we broke up, we maintained a friendship because I am close to their family but heart wise, nothing more is left. I just have this huge respect for him. I told her to solve their issues and talk it over. I also asked her, haven't you heard that I am already married? She said yes she knows. I am happily married and I never regret even for a moment that I have married my husband because in him, I have found my soul mate. I am so blessed because God has given him to me... I am much loved and I love him with all of me...

The Pomegranate Phone is unlike any other phone you have seen. This amazing piece of unique gadget not only functions as a phone, but is also a projector, coffee maker, language translator, harmonica and even a portable shaver...

It also has all the perks we like in a mobile phone like, text messaging, 3g, videos, internet connection and all the cool stuff in it. When I first saw the video of it, I was truly amazed. See the video for yourselves and be amazed...

Sad to say, this is only a concept phone, I wish it was really true that this phone ever existed. But who knows, with todays technology, a phone like this is only a few years away...

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Friday again...

Glitter Graphics

It is Friday again... End of another work week... I love Friday's because I know I will get to spend more time with my family. I love Friday's because I can watch television all day long. I love Friday's because I can play with my dog. Did I tell you why I love Friday's?

Of all the reasons I have mentioned above, I just simply love this day, because I have survived another week, in God's guidance... I am looking forward for another great week ahead...

Happy Friday everyone... Enjoy your weekend...

Email Fraud...

Maybe a lot of you have encountered those emails that says you have won a lottery, someone will give you an inheritance or your services are needed for funds to be placed on your bank account. Through the many years I have been online, I have received hundreds of fraudulent emails... At first, I was intrigued and I even read it. but towards finishing the email, you would definitely realize that it is a scam...

I don't know what they get from sending these emails because I think people now are really smart and wary about scams like these... But those who are just starting to use the Internet, beware of scams like this. They will ask for your contact details, bank account number, address and so on...

Click on the image for a larger view

That's one example. Many of these are coming from India and Africa. Mostly they use bogus names that sounds really funny and sometimes they tend to use common American names to be of authority. I know this topic has been blogged many times already but I just felt the urge to post this... Beware and God bless you all...

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I have read a lot of blogs comparing the features of two of the most popular blogging platforms today. But who does really stand out in performance and ease of use, especially to those who are new bloggers.

I have used wordpress.com for a while and I still have a blog there which I don't get to update. When I was still new at blogging, of course I didn't understand html, codes and whatever it is they use in designing or writing their blogs. I opt to choose blogger because it is so easy to use. You can easily understand the instructions and you can read your way through it.

I have 5 blogs at blogger and although not everything is perfect, they still deliver. I envy wordpress because they have a lot of widgets and tools available to optimize their blogs. Like the All in one seo, which of course blogger doesn't have and also a blog roll plug in that you can display in another page. Unlike blogger where you could only use the one that they have provide, blog link list... Wordpress also has a lot of templates created for them that are web 2.0 and are adsense ready. In fairness to blogger, they are also catching up and many blogger users have somehow developed great widgets and codes for blogger users.

In my own opinion, blogger is a great choice for those who are just beginning to blog and do not know a thing or two about editing codes/ html. As for wordpress, I am planning to transfer my 2 blogs there but with a paid subscription. Wordpress is a better choice if you are one of those serious bloggers and would want to make blogging as a profession...

I have read a post on which the writer has given a detailed comparison of the two blogging platforms, you can read it here.

Whatever platforms you use, it is still the content that is more important to readers. Without good content, your blog won't get much traffic...

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In 1979 (the year you were born)

Jimmy Carter is president of the US

A major accident occurs at a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island near Middletown, PA

An American Airlines DC-10 loses its engine and crashes seconds after takeoff, killing 275 people

Hurricane David kills over 1200 in the US and the Dominican Republic

Some 90 people, including 63 Americans, are taken hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran

The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

ESPN starts broadcasting

Aaliyah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Norah Jones, Heath Ledger, and Kate Hudson are born

Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series

Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIII

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Kramer vs. Kramer is the top grossing film

Sophie's Choice by William Styron is published

"My Sharona" by The Knack spends the most time at the top of the US charts

The Facts of Life premiers

Building your reputation online is a great way for one to advertise his or her resume and achievements. Many potential employers are looking for prospective employees on the Internet . You could get a head start on things and get way ahead of your competition. What you project on line matters. By joining numerous social networking sites, you are in fact advertising yourself on line. So better watch what you're doing on those sites that you register to.

Tips for building a good reputation on line...

  1. You can create your own personal website

  2. Make a blog (an online diary)

  3. Get your own domain name

  4. Keep on line profiles updated

  5. Create content that will link back to your website or blog

Create a professional website – to have a website today is easy as a click of a button. You don't have to be an expert at being a web master. There are so many available tools online. Like website templates, you can just download and use immediately. Best of all, it is free. There are also a lot of resources on which you could get some tips on how to start your own website, without even going to school for learning it.

Create a blog - if having a website is not your thing, you could make a blog instead. It is so easy to set up a blog. You could either use Blogger or Wordpress, to create a blog for you to put you CV and post all important details about yourself and some key achievements that you have made. It is just like a website, but it is less maintained and not so hard to set up...

Buy your own domain name – a domain name is your address online. You could just register a domain with your name on it, for you to be located easily.

Keep online profiles updated - A profile that hasn't been tended to is a sign of lack of follow through. If you are short on time, create only a few online profiles and update them regularly.

Create content that will link back to you – By putting on great content on your site or blog, people who are interested will keep on coming back to see your updates and posts.

By following these simple steps, you can build your reputation online and be noticed by potential people who are looking to fill up some key positions in their respective companies...

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I am a huge fan of Chow chow dogs and I know of one celebrity who also love this cute dog breed... Martha Stewart, who wouldn't know her? In case some of you guys don't know her, she's an American celebrity. She has her own tv show, a magazine and also a beautiful farm called Martha's vineyard where a lot of tourist go and visit.

Martha has a lot of pets. But she is really fond of Chow chow's. Her pet Pawpaw died April this year, so she's looking for a replacement. Here are the pictures of the puppies that she had been choosing from.

Aren't they cute? Yes, Martha has to choose only one of them. She thinks having the three would mean trouble.

More about that article found on Martha's Blog.

Martha's Dogs:

Paw paw

Adorable dogs... Martha also have french bulldogs...



All cute and adorable.

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Almost 97 million people in the US are obese. Some are almost obese, few are fit and some are malnourished... So what do these say? A lot of people are fat and overweight, not just in the US but the whole world. People are being stubborn and lazy in maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Fast food chains are popping up all over and that is one of the many reasons why people gain weight. When I was young, I see people on tv, magazines, posters and envisioned myself to be just like them when I grow up. Unfortunately when I gave birth to my daughter, my weight have ballooned.

I have gone from a weight of 50 kls to 70 kls now. Most of my friends from way back when are shocked to see me and they always say that I am a lot more bigger now. Yes, that makes me depressed. years of just sitting, having no exercise and eating fast food are taking a toll on my weight gain...
Are people still trying to lose weight? Yes, they say they are but they're not doing anything about it. It is easy to say I want to lose weight but actually doing it take a lot of hard work and self discipline.

Here in our country, most of the women have slim and sexy bodies, being fat could make you stand out in the crowd. I have a friend who is so huge that she could not buy any clothes to fit her. Clothes sizes are just xs, s, m, l and xl but finding an xl size is rare. Most clothes are designed to fit small framed bodies and a few designers cater to the plus size women.

One day, I decided to take action and followed one fad diet I have seen online. I lost 10 lbs alright but gained it all back after a week. That's the problem with fad diets. You truly lose some but you gain it all back 3 times more. I wouldn't advise people to try these fad diets. What we truly need to lose weight is sheer discipline and great will power.

Eating the right foods, vegetables and having a balance diet. Drinking lots of water would also help flush bad toxins in our body. Avoiding cold drinks and too much sweets also is best. Do not drink alcohol if you want to lose weight. Try measuring what you eat. Like the rice intake. I try to eat just one cup of rice every meal and no more snacks. Avoid eating oily foods. Grilled fish is good for your health and also good because it contains no fat. Now I am 65kls. I have lost 5 kls just by doing that. I splurge on food once a week. Like every Saturday when I am at my moms house, I eat everything, but in moderation.

Worst is todays generation, many kids are already obese. They tend to catch habits from adults. So promote having a healthy diet to your kids while they are younger. This would help them a lot as they become adults.

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I found this while I was reading some blogs. I have stumbled upon suzannesaysblog and found this post. I was really laughing hard. People around me are watching and was wondering what I was laughing about. So I had shown them this picture... They started laughing too... Well, I am going to tell my brother to stop swallowing those chewing gums or else, that's whats going to happen... lol

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I am currently addicted to twitter... Yes I am guilty :) . I have joined twitter for almost 7 months already but I just got the hang of it recently. I have started to follow people and my list of followers grew. I want to constantly know if some people that follow me are still following me. I stumbled on to this when I searched on Google.

Qwitter, is a service in which you would know if someone had stopped following you on twitter. By signing in your twitter username and putting in your email address, it will automatically send you updates through your email.

That way, you will get updated when someone does not follow you anymore... :) It is really a great tool for all you twitter addicts there...

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my blog roll

I just receive an email from apple announcing that Apple online store is now open in the Philippines. That is great news for Filipino's who are apple addicts... Now you can purchase every apple made product that you have desired online. Buy ipods, mac books, music online...

I think it is because of the volume of their sales here in the Philippines that prompted them to open an online store here. I am so happy, now I can purchase through our own store and I guess they offer free shipping just here in the Philippines... So that makes it extra great...

Hello everyone... I am currently in the process of upgrading the appearance of my blog. And while I am doing so, I have encountered an internal problem with blogger. Will be back after it is all fixed and cleared up. Thank you for understanding...

A Family Weekend...

I love weekends because I get to spend time with my family. Every weekend, my mom, brother, daughter, uncle, aunt and cousins get together in our house to have family bonding time. We cook, watch dvd and talk about different things. The kids play video games while the older ones go at the kitchen to cook and talk about different issues. This weekend, mom bought 2 gallons of ice cream and a mocha cake. While I cooked lunch and dinner.

We had, beef stew for lunch and chicken curry for dinner. Saturday was just pure tv and talk... I also helped mom set up her new blog. Sunday we all went to church and watched dvd. I only wished my dad and husband are here with us, for the family to be complete.

Thank God for a wonderful family I have. Even if it is not a complete one, it is still giving me so much joy and pride to be loved by them... I wonder what's in store for the next weekend?

This is Chowee, my pet Chow Chow. She was born on May 14, 2007.

Chow-chow dog breed have originated in Mongolia then later introduced in China. The Chows Chinese name is Songshi Quan, which means "puffy lion dog". It is said that a long time ago, Chow chows are used as working dogs. Pulling wagons and helping their masters out in the field. That explains their very strong built.

The Chow has a broad skull, small triangular erect ears, has either smooth or rough coat. They are also well known for having a bluish black tongue. They have thick fur along the neck and very fluffy snouts that gives them the likeness of a lion. The Chow breed have five colors, red, black, blue, cinnamon and cream. The most common color is cinnamon. I rarely see Chows that are black, blue and red. Other feature is its curly tail. No matter how I try to uncurl it, it just curls back...

Today, Chows are no longer working dogs. They are either kept as a house pet or a companion dog. Chows are naturally a very good guard dog. In our case, Chowee, doesn't stop barking if there is someone lurking around our gate. At first, Chows can be quite temperamental. They don't like to be petted and they have the characteristics of a cat. Inexperienced dog owners should beware of how dogs of this breed encounter those it perceives as strangers; their notoriety is so established that many homeowner's insurance companies will not cover dogs from this breed. Our Chow dog has been well trained. The stubbornness faded as she grew older. When she was younger, she used to chew a lot of things and tends to bite people. But as she learned to socialize, she has became a very disciplined dog. She knows whether the strangers coming in our house are our visitors. She would just sniff them, but when you are not yet close, better not stare to her eyes, she doesn't like that.

The Chow is extremely loyal to its own family and will bond tightly to its master. The Chow typically shows affection only with those it has bonds to, so new visitors to the home should not press their physical attention upon the resident Chow as it will not immediately accept strangers in the same manner as it does members of its own pack.

Chows tend to be loners. They want some time alone, which I usually think that shes not feeling better. Chowee, wants to sit by the gate and see people pass by. When I come home she just jumps around like crazy because she's so happy to see me... I highly recommend this breed. They are so loving and very loyal. Great watchdog and the best companion...

Great ChowChow websites...

Chow Chow Club Inc
Quality Dogs Chowchow Information

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Car accidents happen almost every minute of everyday. People are constantly trying to take every security and safety precautions just to avoid having to be in a situation like this. Just last week, our family became a victim too...

My husbands son, Donnie, got seriously injured because of a car crash. I don't know the whole details about the accident, but I really feel so sad and helpless. I was just shocked when my husband called and informed me about it.

I immediately told my Mom and we prayed for Donnie's recovery. I wish I am there to comfort my husband. So many things have happened in 4 years. I know that this too will pass. I hope Donnie will recover soon and I hope God is with all of them...

Donnie has his own website at Caring Bridge. A Caring Bridge
website helps keep loved ones informed during difficult times. In return, family and friends give patient and caregiver support through guestbook messages.

It is of no secret that the world has been experiencing a tremendous financial crisis today. People have been losing their jobs, businesses are closing down and a lot of big financial institutions have crumbled down. The media have been reporting about it for a few months already and people from all walks of life has been greatly affected.

With this happening in our world today, we all need to improvise and start to look for other ways to make money and prevent our family from starving. There are plenty of resources available for us today. You can find most of them online. One of such opportunity is to sell your products or things online. If you do not have products to sell, why not sell some of your old things. To you, it seems to be junk but to some people, your junk might be what they are looking for. You can sell your products online through amazon and ebay...

To learn more about selling on Ebay, you could check out How to Sell On Ebay and Survive the Financial Crisis . It is a very informative article if you want to earn money using Ebay as a tool for you to use.

Many money making opportunities are found online. But be careful, some are just spam and are not reliable. Be cautious and read thoroughly, do not jump to any opportunity right away. Review it first, if possible find some forums and blogs that talk about different income opportunities.

We all know that cats and dogs are not the best of friends. But this extraordinary tale, is quite heart warming... In Sydney Australia, a dog has been hailed as a hero when he risk his life trying to save newborn kittens from a fire in his house.

Fire fighters said that when they arrived at the scene, Leo (the dogs name) was still found alongside the kittens and refused to leave the house in spite of the thick smoke from the blazing fire. He didn't even think that he would also have died, he just thought of the kittens. Luckily the firefighters came to the rescue.

Leo and the kittens have all survived the ordeal and the firefighters got close to the Leo which they nicknamed 'Smoky'. Full Article Source

I am a huge dog lover. I have 6 of them at our house. I own a chow chow, poodle, Japanese spitz and a rottweiler. My rottweiler Missy died of Parvo. Had a hard time getting over that,but now I am finally okay. I am now considering buying a new dog. This time a German Shepherd. German shepherds are good guard dog. My dad used to own 2 of them. They are fierce to strangers but deeply loving and loyal to its owners.

I have been browsing through websites about German shepherd and I have found one that has everything I need to know about this dog breed. Total German Shepherd is a website dedicated to the dog breed. They have information about the dogs history, different coat colors, training a German shepherd, and they have a lot of cool photos/ videos of German shepherd.

If you are looking for information about German shepherd, Total German Shepherd is the website you need to go to. They have all the information you need and more...

Cool Bookmarklets...

If you haven't noticed. I just recently added some cool bookmarkets, at the bottom of my every post. I have been looking for this for quite some time now and I am happy to have found the site that has easy to follow instructions on how to install it... Thanks, Bloggerplugins.org for giving us an easy alternative... If you want to put these social bookmarklets to your own blog click here for the full instructions.

A Cause Of Alarm...

I have seen and read a lot of blogs but only a few issues affect me the most. This blog that I have just recently stumbled is about the US-Mexican Border. How illegal immigrants dangerously cross the border in hopes of landing a decent paying job in America. BorderMovie Blog is a blog about a documentary film that shows how dangerous crossing the borders would be. Both for the Mexicans and Americans. There are also a handful of American families who own ranches near the border that gets affected by this. Their children play in their backyard only to find some skeletal remains of bodies scattered everywhere. They constantly hear shots fired and would only wonder what they would find in their backyard the next day.

It is not only these families who are affected. All the people in America are. Drug traffickers, murderers and even terrorist have freely crossed these borders. They are living legally in all the different states of America.

Also people from Mexico who cross the border illegally are in danger. They put their lives at risk by trying to pass the border. Most of them don't make it. Women, children and men die mostly by dehydration.

I hope the people behind Border Movie would get noticed. Let us help spread this, so that the US government would act...

Cool Site...

Meez is a cool site thats created for pure fun and enjoyment. If you haven't tried going to the site, you are losing half of your social life... Meez is both for the young and the young at heart. When you get to the site, you will create an avatar to represent yourself. The avatar can be used in your blogs and other social networks sites.

Then after creating an avatar, you could create your room. Your room could be a living room, band rehearsal room, a really big closet or anything that you like. Once you join you will have 2500 coins instantly. You will need coins to purchase some of the premium items that are available in the site. To purchase coins, you either can join their online playroom to earn points, for the easy way, you could just purchase it with your credit card or your nearest best buy stores. Meez is actually like yahoo avatars, but more sophisticated and loaded with a lot of features.

There is also an online community, where you could chat away with your fellow meez members. They have different topics there that will surely cater to your tastes. It is also a fun time for you and your kid. Most kids now are into virtual world, so why not join in with them, to get closer...

Here's another fun way to spice up your photos... Photofunia, is a site where you could choose photo effects and then upload your photo into the actual effect. making your photo part of the picture... They have a lot of photo effects available and it can be addicting. You can make one of your own and put it in your my space, Friendster, Facebook or on your blog.

I've got mine done. I haven't resized it so it is huge... Try it for yourselves here. Have fun...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Taking Great Photos...

I enjoy taking photos of different subjects. It is my personal hobby. I use the photos to make scrapbooks and post it on my online profiles. Just recently I want to really learn how to take professional looking photos. I searched around the internet for some guide and I have found a photoblog that is useful for those who want to learn a trick or two about taking great pictures.

A1 Phototips is a blog for photography amateurs and enthusiasts that wants to learn more about the craft. It is a useful website especially to those who are just beginning this hobby. I have taken notes of some of the techniques myself. So I am going to take photos of my pets first as my models...

Taking great photos is also great for your blog. You can express more if you have pictures to show. Taking photos is as easy as point and click, but taking great photos need more techniques and a bit of learning...

Found this online from comedyplus.blogspot.com. And it somehow made me laugh and forgot that I was mad about something.

The Evolution Of Man

I have stumbled upon a really funny photo. Courtesy of joe-ks.com.

It illustrates about how most people get huge by eating too much fast food. More and more children and adult's are becoming obese, having no exercise and the right diet. But some say that fast food is much more popular because it is cheaper than healthy foods and it is also readily available. No need to go to the market and cook it. But if you try to analyze it, fast food could cause potential harm to your health in the long run. You have to make the right choice now, not tomorrow.

Eat healthy, live healthy and be happy...

British teenagers who tried to snatch the purse of a Grandmother got the surprise of their lives. The 68 yr old lady who happens to be a former cross-country champion gave them a run for their money and chased after them. The grandmother Janet Lane, was waiting for a friend when one of the three teenagers grabbed her purse containing her months pension.

The boys thought I was a easy catch, so they just approached me and grabbed my bag, she said. She jumped right away and ran after them. Afterwards she caught one by the collar. The boy was so afraid that he managed to get away from the firm grip and let go of the bag.

The retired nurse, still keeps in shape by swimming and walking. The police are investigating the incident and advised the public not to follow Lane's example.Full article source


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