Another Life, Wasted...

It started as a normal day for everyone. After work, I went straight to our house to rest. My work starts at 10:00 pm and ends at 7:00am the following morning. After doing some errands at home I and a friend went to San Pedro Street to look for a refrigerator. After a few minutes in the appliance store, I heard what seemed to be gunshots. I went and looked at the store’s window and saw a man waving his gun around.

The store’s employees went down towards where the gunshots were heard. My initial reaction is to hide, because there is a tendency that the guy could be mad and be shooting around at people. I saw the people coming out of the store. The store was deserted. So we just followed to see what has happened outside.

Apparently there were 3 gunmen riding two motorcycles. They had pulled over a taxi with 4 passengers in it. After pulling over, the gunmen shot the 3 passengers at the back repeatedly. After shooting the victims, the gunmen fled with their motorcycles and had also got one of the victims bag. So, what could be the motive? Where are the police?

People around were stricken with fear. They just watched the gunmen shooting the people inside the taxi. It was like an action movie set. When the police finally arrived, the victims were already rushed to the hospital and the gunmen were long gone. The taxi driver sensing that the gunmen already escaped immediately took the victims to the nearest hospital.

People around there started talking about their own theories. Like it was a robbery, or the local death squad did it. Nobody was sure. So we went home and watched out for the local news. The news report said that there were 3 victims. The two victims were dead upon arriving at the hospital and one is still fighting for his life. I really felt bad because of the violent nature of the crime. I too was puzzled with what the motive is. Robbery or crime related. What could they have done to deserve that?

My questions were answered later as I went to work. My cell phone rang. It was my friend saying that our friend just died. I was really confused, I asked what happened. Then he told me that he was one of the victims at the shooting at San Pedro Street. I felt really bad. I was there; I didn’t know that he was one of the victims shot there earlier.

We were not really that close. We just happen to have the same set of friends. We often see each other at friends gathering. We joked sometimes and laughed at the antics of our friends. But still I felt really sad with his sudden passing.

The details then followed. He was just accompanying his sister. They were going to the police station to post bail to his brother in law. His brother in law was supposedly charged with robbery and was a leader of a crime syndicate. A light bulb just flashed through my mind. And the pieces of the puzzle begin to shape.

In my opinion, if they were after the guy with a criminal record, why would they shoot the two innocent ones?

Where was the police mobile patrol during those times? Usually that place is being patrolled by mobile police…

They must have inside information to know the exact time of release of the guy from prison…

Who was behind this gruesome crime?

Will it be solved? Well I guess it won’t be… Crimes like this, especially here at our city, don’t get solved.

My friend and his sister and brother in law, will be laid to rest tomorrow, Tuesday at 1:00 pm. And yet there are still no leads regarding to the suspects identity and whereabouts. I just hope this will be different. This time I hope it would be solved.

Another life, wasted. He was still young. He has a bright future ahead of him. How could someone end it just like that?

I hope that the government will condone this act of violence especially to innocent people. And to the law enforcers to please do their job. Keep peace and order to our City.

I send my condolences to the family and friends of the departed. May you have the strength to overcome the tragedy that has happened in your life. Let us pray for their souls and be happy for them. They will soon be with our creator and will live a peaceful life.

To the ones responsible, I hope you would have a clear conscience and surrender to the authorities. If you’re not caught by the human law, you’re definitely going to be judged with God’s law.


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