Be Careful of Online Fraud

The Internet has definitely made the world small, and so are the fraudsters. They can easily con people who are not familiar of the games they play. Just last week, a friend of a friend went online to look for a cheap memory for her computer. Her computer was way too old and there are no more ddr 1 memory chips available at computer shops where she lives. She went to join this forum where people that live close to her place are auctioning practically anything online at this particular website.

She had typed in computer memory and then the search results came. She had picked someone who was selling a ddr1 memory for half the price it was offering at a second hand shop at the mall. So she contacted the guy and made arrangements. The guy whose name is just James was in constant communication with her through Ym(Yahoo messenger) and through texts.

They met one afternoon and my friend Lizzy had welcomed this guy to their house. The guy had installed the ram into the computer and told Lizzy to call her if there would be problems with her computer. She paid the guy named James and bid goodbye.

The computer was working well for about 2 days when suddenly the monitor was acting up. So she called this guy and told her about the problem. The guy who was very friendly was easily accepted to Lizzy's house. Her mom and her siblings got somehow close to him. While all this was happening, all sorts of problems came to her computer. One day, it just went dead. The guy(James) told her she needs to replace her computer monitor because it is already dead. By this time, James is also acting weird. Saying things from one thing to another. He is not consistent on his stories and he keeps on looking around the house, like he is searching for something. Another thing that is very suspicious is when he said, that Lizzy should not let other technicians fix her computer...

Lizzy at some point got suspicious and looked for another technician to look at her computer. There she was told that her computer has missing parts. NO Memory... The hard disk was also changed. The original hard disk was a Samsung 80 gb SATA. What's in her computer now is a 10 gb Fujitsu hard disk... Screws were also lost and some cd installers.

Lesson learned... Never trust anyone you have met online... Especially if you have just known them for a few days. Do a background check. Check his id and confirm if he works for the company he states... All these and more will help you through your transactions with online services and buying something online... Be cautious... Be careful in dealing with someone online. You just don't know what they are up to...


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