A comment made by Actor Alec Baldwin had angered Philippine Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. . The actor had commented that he would just get a mail order bride from the Philippines or Russia. The Philippines is known for many interracial marriages, particularly men from the US.

I am a Filipina, I am also married to an American. Everyone has their own opinion. I just hope, people would not generalize their judgements to every filipino people. Not everyone in the Philippines share the same values and are of different characters.

This comment made by Mr. Baldwin somehow upsets me. Although I know he was only joking, but us as Filipinos are made as the butt of the joke again.

I hope the world would see us with all the great achievements we have done, not by all the negative publicity that have been plastered all over by the media...

Again this is just my own point of view....
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  1. Ailurophile said...
    You are so right. I've had the chance to encounter with some filipinos and filipinas and I've found them all to be very decent, hard working and family-oriented people. So indeed it's not right to generalize about a society based on the actions of a few.

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