I tried playing Flappy Bird in my brothers phone just last week because of the buzz around it. I found it really addicting but, I put off downloading it to my phone. When I went to the App Store this morning, it was no longer available.

The developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, officially removed the app from the App Store and google play. I read about his reason to remove the app in this article from Forbes.

So, I tried to look for a game that I can play that is like Flappy Bird and I found, City Bird.

It is basically like Flappy bird, except the background is in the city and instead of tunnels, the developer made it into buildings. It is still annoying like Flappy Bird, cause I can't seem to move past 9 which is my best score.

The developer of the app is Markku Vietnen. It probably is a new app cause not many people have downloaded it yet. But if you want to download Flappy Bird, you can download City Bird-Flappy Flyer instead as a replacement. You can view the app City Bird- Flappy Flyer and download it through the app store. It is compatible with iphone and ipad.


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