Balbacua - A Visayan Dish

Back when we are still living in the Philippines, I often cook for my family and friends. That's why, we all got in the heavy side.  Now that my family lives here in America, we crave the food from our native country.

Luckily, there are lots of Asian groceries around our area here in Louisville and there are no shortage of ingredients of what food I decide to cook. Today, since it is snowing outside, I cooked something that I would like to eat when it's cold.

I found a recipe from daily rantings blog and I immediately started shopping for ingredients at our local asian grocery.


1/2 kilo sliced ox tail
1/2 kilo ox feet (he used beef skin in his original recipe)
1 small can of pork and beans
3 pieces ripe saba banana (sliced)
1 small bottle of creamy peanut butter
minced spring onions
2 onions, medium sized
ground black pepper
chopped ginger

prepare the ox tail, ox feet, onions, ginger and water in a pressure cooker. If you don't have a pressure cooker you can just use a regular saucepan. Pressure cooker makes it more tender quicker. Season your ox tail and ox feet with salt and pepper generously then put everything in the pressure cooker. Cook for about 40 - 60 minutes.

Carefully open the pressure cooker. Make sure all the steam is gone before opening it. The put the remaining ingredients. The meat should be really tender and the skin should be jelly like. Put the remaining ingredients, banana, peanut butter and pork and beans. Stir to mix the peanut butter and pork in beans and then simmer for another 5-10 minutes.

Garnish with the spring onions and serve while hot...


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