Love Never Fails...

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Love never fails? Or does it? In my opinion, as far as love is concerned, it depends on how you view the aspect of love. If you are a type of person who no matter how much hurt have come your way, still manage to get up and fall in love again, I guess love never fails for them. But if you are one like many others who have fallen deeply fallen in love and have betrayed by the person you've loved. Have gone drinking and feeling miserable, welcome to the club... :) That was before anyway...

Love is really a wonderful feeling, when both of you are still in to each other. Reality somehow steps in and ruin everything. I hate to be biased in my opinion. I have been in love for a lot of times already. Been happy, sad, excited, duped, broken, every other feeling about love has come my way... In the end, it all comes to being compatible and being friends with the person you love.

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When all the physical beauty falters, all that's left is being a good companion and friend. What if you don't have much in common? You end up looking for another person to supplement what is lacking in your life.

Just a thought, choose from the heart... Find your soul mate...


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