The L Word....

The L Word...

This show was introduced to me by a friend of mine, who is a closet case. Yeah, she wants go to to my house to watch a certain tv series that she said, I would absolutely like. She had a whole 3 part series of a tv series called the L Word. I have no clue on what kind of show was that, until we turned on the dvd player. We started watching it at 3pm straight to 11am the next morning. That's what you call a dvd marathon.

The show is really nice. Talks about all kinds of lesbian characters that actual lesbians can relate to. I studied in an all girls school way back in my high school years. So, that definitely explains my set of friends and my behavior.

What struck me most are the situations portrayed in the series, are almost alike in the situations my friends were in. From being a closet case, to having lots of girlfriends, cheating, living in, adopting a child and so much more.

The series now just ended in series no. 5. We will be waiting for the next series 6, that will come out sometime next year.

Will blog more about the L Words character next time... Ciao!!!


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