Made in China : Is it safe or not?

Everyone here at our house is panicked over the milk they have purchased during the last few months. I told them, well nothing happened to you guys, and no one from our family have been poisoned. My Mom is really an avid fan of these made in China products. Ranging from their cosmetics, clothes, toys, furniture and food, because it is a lot more cheaper than the average brand.

I remember in 2006, there was a warning about buying Chinese cosmetics as to it brings certain illnesses through the skin. Like cancer. I told My Mom about that, but still she didn't listen and continued patronizing Chinese products.

Then just about last year when baby cribs made in china was being recalled in major stores in the US because of being unsafe for infants an toddlers alike... Full story here.

The Chinese trade has grown global. It has been like this for many years. Big companies tend to outsource their workers from China. So as a result, almost all of the popular brands we are wearing are not US made anymore. It is made in China. But the raw materials are of course from the US.

They make almost everything now. Trying to imitate US made products. And surprisingly, they also look the same. Like the mobile phones. But when you actually try it, you will know it is not the original product.

Now, the Chinese are on the spotlight again. Apparently, their milk powder has melamine on it.
The tainted milk powder has killed several babies in China and injured more than 6,000 others, many with kidney stones or kidney failure. This is a shameful betrayal of families who relied on their government and corporate leaders to protect them. (from the Herald Tribune)

So, what is Melamine? I have read that it is a chemical used to make plastics, fertilizers and kitchenwares. What is it doing on milk products that children mostly use? The manufacturers are trying to cut down their production costs by putting water in fresh milk, then adding melamine to artificially inflate the reading for protein levels. And they know that milk is not tested for melamine, not until now.

With all these problems being brought up by using made in China products, how should people react? I think not all of the products from China are harmful. Just like the cough medicine I use today. It is made from China but it is much better than the medicines I buy from the pharmacy. I guess, we should all be careful in what we buy. Check the ingredients and watch for consumer reviews.

I understand that people patronize these products because it is really cheap. But in the long run, some may cause potential harm in our bodies... Choose wisely...

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