I know this topic maybe sensitive but I have just came across a post about having a Frenemy. It is not a new post, but it seem to be interesting enough because it touches some events that recently happened to me. Before, I had lots of friends, swarming around our house, accompanying me wherever I go and just being by my side always. Now I don't have them. All that is left are the ones who stucked through thick and thin with me. Every little move I make, my so called friends assists me and they are always there if I needed advice. When I went through some financial hardships, they suddenly were nowhere to be found.

My mom warned me about being too trusting and too generous to people. I tend to be very friendly, even if I have just met the person. I also lost some friends that I had way back when I was still in my high school years. So, were they really my friends? Or they are my frenemies? Friends and enemies at the same time. Or simply friends when you still have something to give.

This saddens me, but one positive thing I got out of this is, knowing who my real friends are. The ones who stood by me through thick and thin and doesn't ask for anything in return... Before, I couldn't count my friends with my 10 fingers, now they are only less than 10, but they are more than enough for me... I thank my real friends... You know who you are... I love you and will forever be thankful for being by my side always...

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  1. vhincent said...
    True friends are difficult to find, and you'll know if their friends thru the test of time :)

    Just dropping by!

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