Almost all eyes are glued to their television yesterday, December 7 , as the "Dream Match" started. Some are skeptic that Manny Pacquiao would win because of the huge size advantage that Oscar De la Hoya poses, but Manny of course proved them wrong.

Both Manny and Oscar have earned names for themselves. Both also have risen from humble beginnings to becoming rich and famous. Both are legendary boxers.

I am really happy of the result. Manny was in great shape and was throwing punches at a very incredible speed, that Oscar can't hardly cope up. At round 6-7 I really felt sorry for Oscar, that I wanted him to surrender. Because his face was badly swollen. Even if Oscar De la Hoya lost the game, he was man enough to admit that he lost to a really great player and he had nothing to say but praises for Manny Pacquiao.

To our Manny, I hope you continue giving our country pride. Congratulations to your win and I hope, you won't change... Be humble and don't get all the fame and fortune get in your head...

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