Twilight The Movie

Me and my whole family watched this movie about 3 days ago. We were all excited and want to see the movie that people everywhere was talking about. I have never heard about the twilight series, only knew more after watching the movie. I researched about it online and found out that it was a series of books. No wonder when the movie ended, it seems like there is still a continuation for it.

It is a vampire love story. The whole setting is quite different from traditional vampire stories that we read from books or watch from movies. The vampires live in a very nice house, they own great cars and they could mingle around with people. When they are hit by the suns rays, they would only glitter, like diamonds sparkling. The story evolves around how Edward and Bella, came to know and love each other.

We think that the movie is great, but I have read some excerpts of the book and I think the book is much more exciting. In terms of how well the scenes are depicted. I am definitely going to buy the book series to know how the story would end.

If you have not watched the movie yet, better go to the nearest theater and watch it with your family and friends. Will have a review of the book after I buy and read it...


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