Almost 97 million people in the US are obese. Some are almost obese, few are fit and some are malnourished... So what do these say? A lot of people are fat and overweight, not just in the US but the whole world. People are being stubborn and lazy in maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Fast food chains are popping up all over and that is one of the many reasons why people gain weight. When I was young, I see people on tv, magazines, posters and envisioned myself to be just like them when I grow up. Unfortunately when I gave birth to my daughter, my weight have ballooned.

I have gone from a weight of 50 kls to 70 kls now. Most of my friends from way back when are shocked to see me and they always say that I am a lot more bigger now. Yes, that makes me depressed. years of just sitting, having no exercise and eating fast food are taking a toll on my weight gain...
Are people still trying to lose weight? Yes, they say they are but they're not doing anything about it. It is easy to say I want to lose weight but actually doing it take a lot of hard work and self discipline.

Here in our country, most of the women have slim and sexy bodies, being fat could make you stand out in the crowd. I have a friend who is so huge that she could not buy any clothes to fit her. Clothes sizes are just xs, s, m, l and xl but finding an xl size is rare. Most clothes are designed to fit small framed bodies and a few designers cater to the plus size women.

One day, I decided to take action and followed one fad diet I have seen online. I lost 10 lbs alright but gained it all back after a week. That's the problem with fad diets. You truly lose some but you gain it all back 3 times more. I wouldn't advise people to try these fad diets. What we truly need to lose weight is sheer discipline and great will power.

Eating the right foods, vegetables and having a balance diet. Drinking lots of water would also help flush bad toxins in our body. Avoiding cold drinks and too much sweets also is best. Do not drink alcohol if you want to lose weight. Try measuring what you eat. Like the rice intake. I try to eat just one cup of rice every meal and no more snacks. Avoid eating oily foods. Grilled fish is good for your health and also good because it contains no fat. Now I am 65kls. I have lost 5 kls just by doing that. I splurge on food once a week. Like every Saturday when I am at my moms house, I eat everything, but in moderation.

Worst is todays generation, many kids are already obese. They tend to catch habits from adults. So promote having a healthy diet to your kids while they are younger. This would help them a lot as they become adults.

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