Building Your Reputation Online

Building your reputation online is a great way for one to advertise his or her resume and achievements. Many potential employers are looking for prospective employees on the Internet . You could get a head start on things and get way ahead of your competition. What you project on line matters. By joining numerous social networking sites, you are in fact advertising yourself on line. So better watch what you're doing on those sites that you register to.

Tips for building a good reputation on line...

  1. You can create your own personal website

  2. Make a blog (an online diary)

  3. Get your own domain name

  4. Keep on line profiles updated

  5. Create content that will link back to your website or blog

Create a professional website – to have a website today is easy as a click of a button. You don't have to be an expert at being a web master. There are so many available tools online. Like website templates, you can just download and use immediately. Best of all, it is free. There are also a lot of resources on which you could get some tips on how to start your own website, without even going to school for learning it.

Create a blog - if having a website is not your thing, you could make a blog instead. It is so easy to set up a blog. You could either use Blogger or Wordpress, to create a blog for you to put you CV and post all important details about yourself and some key achievements that you have made. It is just like a website, but it is less maintained and not so hard to set up...

Buy your own domain name – a domain name is your address online. You could just register a domain with your name on it, for you to be located easily.

Keep online profiles updated - A profile that hasn't been tended to is a sign of lack of follow through. If you are short on time, create only a few online profiles and update them regularly.

Create content that will link back to you – By putting on great content on your site or blog, people who are interested will keep on coming back to see your updates and posts.

By following these simple steps, you can build your reputation online and be noticed by potential people who are looking to fill up some key positions in their respective companies...

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  1. The Money Man said...
    Nice blog Krissy. Good tips as well.
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    nice tips, i wish i could have a good reputaion..

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    krissybee14 said...
    @the money man I am glad you liked it.

    @firman ramdhani thanks...

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