When To Let Go?

When to let go? You will know when if you feel that the person has no respect for you. When you are being treated badly. When you don't feel that he loves you. When you know that he still loves someone else. When you don't get along. When he doesn't take you to their house. When he is with his friends more than he is with you. When you feel that you are being used.

When you can relate to those written above, I have an advice for you, why don't you just let go? There are a lot of guys out there. I am sure God has reserved someone wonderful for you. Do not drown yourself in misery, instead stand up and be strong. The guy you are with now, doesn't deserve you...

Just today, I was surprised to receive a call from an unknown number. When I answered it, the lady calling introduced herself. Saying that she is the girlfriend of my ex. Now I am confused, because there's a reason why he is already an ex. I told her hi and then asked her why she called. She told me that the guy and her had a huge fight(I have not met or ever spoke to this girl in the past, just this moment). So I told her, what does it have to do with me? She said I am the reason. Apparently my ex is still hunged up on me.

Now I am even more confused. I told her, I haven't seen the guy in years and we are not in speaking terms. She said that he still has this huge feelings for me. I told her, what happened to me and that guy happened in the past. Both of us are now happy and contented with our lives now. When we broke up, we maintained a friendship because I am close to their family but heart wise, nothing more is left. I just have this huge respect for him. I told her to solve their issues and talk it over. I also asked her, haven't you heard that I am already married? She said yes she knows. I am happily married and I never regret even for a moment that I have married my husband because in him, I have found my soul mate. I am so blessed because God has given him to me... I am much loved and I love him with all of me...


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