I have read a lot of blogs comparing the features of two of the most popular blogging platforms today. But who does really stand out in performance and ease of use, especially to those who are new bloggers.

I have used wordpress.com for a while and I still have a blog there which I don't get to update. When I was still new at blogging, of course I didn't understand html, codes and whatever it is they use in designing or writing their blogs. I opt to choose blogger because it is so easy to use. You can easily understand the instructions and you can read your way through it.

I have 5 blogs at blogger and although not everything is perfect, they still deliver. I envy wordpress because they have a lot of widgets and tools available to optimize their blogs. Like the All in one seo, which of course blogger doesn't have and also a blog roll plug in that you can display in another page. Unlike blogger where you could only use the one that they have provide, blog link list... Wordpress also has a lot of templates created for them that are web 2.0 and are adsense ready. In fairness to blogger, they are also catching up and many blogger users have somehow developed great widgets and codes for blogger users.

In my own opinion, blogger is a great choice for those who are just beginning to blog and do not know a thing or two about editing codes/ html. As for wordpress, I am planning to transfer my 2 blogs there but with a paid subscription. Wordpress is a better choice if you are one of those serious bloggers and would want to make blogging as a profession...

I have read a post on which the writer has given a detailed comparison of the two blogging platforms, you can read it here.

Whatever platforms you use, it is still the content that is more important to readers. Without good content, your blog won't get much traffic...

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