A fire in our house!!!!

Yes, a fire in our house. I am at the office working when my cell phone rang. It was my mom. She said, our house is on fire... I was shocked. Who would expect something like this would happen to us? So i went out and talked to her, trying to calm her down. Then I decided to ask permission to go home. Afterwards, my cell phone rang again... It was Edward, my friend, Ace’s (my best friend) brother. He said Missy (my rottweiler) died... So, how much more of this bad news could I take?

I hailed a cab and went straight to our house. My mind was cluttered with all of the things happening. When I arrived at the scene. The fire fighters already contained the fire. I went inside and saw the damages the fire has done. The fire started at my uncle's house. Apparently their house help was charging her cell phone and left it in the room. The charger somehow overheated and the rest is history. Their house was totally burned. They haven't saved any clothes only their important papers. Their dog was even shocked. She just stared at the rubble of where their house used to stand. The firemen assessed the total damage. I saw my mom, she was just playing it cool, but i know she's really affected. Sam my daughter hugged me and she was so strong. She told me about what happened. How the fire started, the smoke inside the house. She is really a strong little girl and i love her dearly. MY little brother was more graphic. Telling the story, like an expert story teller.

So i went inside our house, to see what damage has been done. Our living room, kitchen and my room wasn't damaged by the fire. But the water from the fire hoses washed the things inside. So, the kitchen, living room and my room was soaked with water. Looked like, there's a flood inside our house. I went up; there I saw the real damage.

The house help's room and my mom's room were partially burned. Mom just has the house remodeled last year. It was finished on Nov.2007. Now it is burned. We are no on the process of trying to save things that are not burned. We have to let it all dry though, because it got wet when the fire was being put out. Worst thing, it’s my daughter's birthday tomorrow. Well, I’m just really glad, no one was hurt. Things can always be replaced, but a human life especially that of those you love is really, irreplaceable...

Word of advice... Don't leave any electric appliances plugged if unused. Try to buy cell phone chargers that are original not the cheap (china) knock offs....No offense to the Chinese....

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  1. daddyboo said...
    Im sorry to hear about the house dear, and it was such a nice house too.

    But regarding this ordeal, i know you will survive. You are practically one of the strongest woman I've ever met in my lifetime.


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