Missy.... My loving dog.....

In Her Memory...

April 2007 I bought a dog at a pet shop. She was already 3 months old at that time. We named her Missy. Because i love pet names ending in sy or ie... At first she was just in the corner, sitting, staring at us. Like, she was observing all of our moves.

I researched a lot about taking care of a rottweiler. Some say, they are a very dangerous breed. That they would hurt people and would suddenly attack. So i really took care of her. Showed her all the love she needs. She even sleeps in my room.

After a month, we bought another dog. A chow chow, we named Chowie. She was the opposite. She was always moving and very stubborn. Then our old dog marina gave birth. So we have a whole lot of puppies in the house. Everyday is a different experience with them. I bathe them, walk them, and take them to the vet. All my stress is gone ones I sit and play with them.

Months passed by, both Missy and Chowie are all grown up. They play with each other...I call it rough play, cause they are really biting each other so hard that I thought one would be injured. Missy is such a bright dog. I trained her to wait, sit, lie down, fetch, a lot of cool tricks that i thought she wouldn't learn. She is so sweet. When I arrive from a day of hard work, she would come and lick my face and jump very high. She loves to be hugged all the time. A bit possessive, she wants me all to herself.

So, life's always had been like that. Then I had to let them stay at the farm. Cause i have to move and the new house don't have a big lawn for them to play. I left them there temporarily until I can find a new place for us. Everything was fine. The dogs are already staying there for almost a month.

April 23, 2008. I have received 2 calls... One from my mom, saying, that our house was on fire. The other one, from Edward, telling me that Missy died... I don't know how to process all of those things said to me. I am on shock with the house burning and i am deeply hurt with the sudden passing of Missy. I heard she was poisoned. Maybe people were afraid of her. And they poisoned her.

How could someone do this to a very loving animal? I am still hurt. I didn't even get to see her because they buried her already. I can't get to the farm quick because it is a 4 hr drive. But she will be always in my heart.

She will always be in my thoughts... I'm just glad; I get to have a dog as sweet and loving as my Missy...

You will be missed..... I love you so much....


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