A Happy Time Part 2..

A few months passed without hearing anything about him. Then, at my birthday celebration, he called. Greeted me a happy birthday. I was surprised. I didn't expect him to ever contact me again. How did he know my number? Oh yeah, my cousin is his friend... I never knew that it was the start of an everyday call marathon.

We are calling each other up almost everyday. Only stopping when we sleep, eat and took a bath. We we're constantly talking about a lot of things. We had become very good friends. He was telling me things about his girlfriend and I am also talking to him about my current relationship. We talked about everything... Until we both felt different about each other. We both felt guilty, so we decided to stop talking to each other for a month. See what we really feel towards each other.

It hurts like there's a dagger in my heart. I am trying not to call him. By doing this, i am hurting myself. I didn't know he was also feeling the same way. He called me right back saying that he can't do it. He misses me already. I told him, I feel the same way too. So, now what? We knew right then, we were falling in love. But we are both involved with someone else. We continued talking...

Every morning when i wake up, i smile. Because, i know there is a text message for me that came from him. I look forward each day when i wake up, because i know I'll be happy again. Then he told me one day that he had broken up with his girlfriend. I told him, why? He said he loves someone else. It is actually like puppy love. With all the chills in the spine. I don't know what to say.

I feel bad for his girlfriend. But I also know that their relationship is not that good anymore. They keep on fighting. I told him if they could still fix it, he must fix it. He said, no, it is over. So i was left with a dilemma. I was still very much with my boyfriend, but i don't love him anymore. He is also cheating on me.

John and i, even if we're not yet together, we we're acting like we are already a couple. Eventually, I left my boyfriend. But John and i we're still not together. And i am a bit confused. Because I know we really love each other.

Day’s and weeks passed. We are always talking, but deep inside my thoughts, i am so sad. I asked myself. Why haven't he asked me yet? It's like a formality right? A boy should ask if you would already be a couple. Especially when you are not seeing each other in person. This made me feel really upset.

I tried to pick fights. At one point I told him I don't want him to call me again. He cried. He told me i just need to wait, that he needs to think it over... Think it over? Meaning he is not yet sure... That was a big blow.

I didn't answer his calls. He tried writing emails, but to no avail. I was just out of coverage. Then he asked his friend to come over at my house. He tricked me, because he called at his friend’s cell phone and talked to me. I was cornered. I love him so much that I just accepted him back. And I told myself, I won't care anymore if we we're a couple or not. As long as I know i am happy.

A month of bliss passed. We we're still not a couple. But I learn not to think of it anymore. One day, we were talking on the phone at 9pm. Then suddenly he dropped the call and didn't call back. I tried calling him, but his phone was turned off. Confused, i tried calling his friends. But they too won't answer. I was fuming mad. Then at exactly 12:00 am, he called and shouted, I LOVE YOU NICOLE! He kept on repeating it.

It is the first time he said i love you. Because he vowed not to say it until he is ready for a commitment. Then he told me of how long he really wants to say that he love's me, but held back. Because he wants our anniversary to be dated August 14th. Silly man. Silly, but really romantic.

I was in cloud 9. We we're finally a couple. Everyday is like a new day. I just keep on smiling. My friends notice the changes in me. They say I look younger, happier. I can't complain. It's true, I am really happy. For the first time, in all the failed relationships, I feel born again.



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