Friday.... Thank God its friday...

Today is my daughter's birthday. We're having a small family get together at my mom's house. I woke her up early this morning and she just smiled,knowing it is her birthday. She hugged and kissed me. I told her happy birthday and i love you. Then she asked if she would have ice cream later? I told her of course,you'll have ice cream. Then i went off to work..

I love my work, i get to do the things that i do for fun here at my job. So, i could not complain... I love it... I have to be home at 6pm cause i still have to cook. My mom cooked the other foods already. Don't know what she would like me to cook. We will have a videoke marathon.. Update about our house: Mom got the carpenter's working already. I think she'll have it restored to what it used to look like. It's a long way for that. The good thing is, only the 2nd floor is badly burned. The ground floor has no traces of the fire that happened. We had to dry most of our things. Thats all for now... Bye folks..

God bless...


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