A Dog Saves Kittens From Fire

We all know that cats and dogs are not the best of friends. But this extraordinary tale, is quite heart warming... In Sydney Australia, a dog has been hailed as a hero when he risk his life trying to save newborn kittens from a fire in his house.

Fire fighters said that when they arrived at the scene, Leo (the dogs name) was still found alongside the kittens and refused to leave the house in spite of the thick smoke from the blazing fire. He didn't even think that he would also have died, he just thought of the kittens. Luckily the firefighters came to the rescue.

Leo and the kittens have all survived the ordeal and the firefighters got close to the Leo which they nicknamed 'Smoky'. Full Article Source


  1. Sandee (Comedy +) said...
    What a beautiful story. Unusual, but beautiful. Have a great day. :)
    krissybee14 said...
    Thanks for the comment... Yes, I like the story it is so heart warming...

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