A Cause Of Alarm...

I have seen and read a lot of blogs but only a few issues affect me the most. This blog that I have just recently stumbled is about the US-Mexican Border. How illegal immigrants dangerously cross the border in hopes of landing a decent paying job in America. BorderMovie Blog is a blog about a documentary film that shows how dangerous crossing the borders would be. Both for the Mexicans and Americans. There are also a handful of American families who own ranches near the border that gets affected by this. Their children play in their backyard only to find some skeletal remains of bodies scattered everywhere. They constantly hear shots fired and would only wonder what they would find in their backyard the next day.

It is not only these families who are affected. All the people in America are. Drug traffickers, murderers and even terrorist have freely crossed these borders. They are living legally in all the different states of America.

Also people from Mexico who cross the border illegally are in danger. They put their lives at risk by trying to pass the border. Most of them don't make it. Women, children and men die mostly by dehydration.

I hope the people behind Border Movie would get noticed. Let us help spread this, so that the US government would act...

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  1. Sandee (Comedy +) said...
    Big business just wants the workers. That's why the government can't agree on what to do with our borders. It's a shame for folks on both sides of the border. Have a great day. :)

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