Yesterday, my friend Rachel and I went to their house. Her father was there lying on the bed placed at the living room. All of the people there were just passing by him, completely ignoring what his current condition. Rachel and I went out for a while to go buy some food. When we got back to their house, everyone there was panicked. Rachel's father whom I fondly call Uncle, is acting strangely. He kept on laughing then suddenly gets mad. Then he collapsed. He was white all over.

We have administered first aid treatment and had him steamed in the portable sauna because he was constantly complaining pain on his stomach. I massaged him using essential oils. We gave him hot milk and gave him a sponge bath.

He later told me that he haven't been eating for 3 days already. His children are too busy doing their own business. Just passes by him. He felt alone and so depressed. That he thought of ending his life by not eating.

I really felt bad for him... I told Rachel about it, she felt so guilty. They organized a meeting. To discuss what care they could give their father, now that he is old and needs them more than ever.

I just hope I have instilled good values to my daughter. One day, we will all be old. Will there be someone to take good care of us? Show us love and attention? Just form lasting and loving relationships with those important to you... I surely don't want to end up in the elderly home someday... How about you?


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