Getting A German Shepherd

I am a huge dog lover. I have 6 of them at our house. I own a chow chow, poodle, Japanese spitz and a rottweiler. My rottweiler Missy died of Parvo. Had a hard time getting over that,but now I am finally okay. I am now considering buying a new dog. This time a German Shepherd. German shepherds are good guard dog. My dad used to own 2 of them. They are fierce to strangers but deeply loving and loyal to its owners.

I have been browsing through websites about German shepherd and I have found one that has everything I need to know about this dog breed. Total German Shepherd is a website dedicated to the dog breed. They have information about the dogs history, different coat colors, training a German shepherd, and they have a lot of cool photos/ videos of German shepherd.

If you are looking for information about German shepherd, Total German Shepherd is the website you need to go to. They have all the information you need and more...


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