Who among you are not dreaming of having this much cash in your bank accounts? I am dreaming of it constantly... Only a few privilege people do get their hands on that much cash though. So I am thinking of really working hard, grow my business and work abroad... But even with this 3 things, still I can't become a millionaire. About the day before, our lottery jackpot went up to P131,367,621.60... And guess what, there is only 1 potential winner... That lucky .... :) The person correctly guessed the winning combinations. I think the winner will probably be in hiding. As great wealth also brings you great danger... I really don't want to be a millionaire, Ohws??? Well yeas, I want to, but with my own hard work and perseverance... See you all on top. As for betting on the lottery, it is like a needle on a haystack... But who knows, the needle might be meant for you...


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