Sibling Rivalry...

All of us have probably experienced rivalry among our siblings. Whether it is the attention of our parents or each others achievements. I have 3 brothers, the eldest and the only daughter... My brother who is next to me is the one I am constantly having problems with. He is 4 years my junior. Although we don't argue or fight that much, I just hate it when he thinks that he is loved more by our dad. We are both children of our mom and dad and our other 2 brothers are my mothers son from her boyfriend after our parents separated.

Back to the story. Our dad, still supports us financially. When I was still studying, Dad, pays for my tuition and allowances. Now that I have finished schooling, My dad then supported my brothers education.

Now that Dad, sends money to him, he thinks he is loved more than me. I really don't mind that much, because I know it is not true. He always brings it up, that he is more favored than me, to a point that it becomes so annoying.

Until at what point should we be patient with our brothers? What if they hurt our feelings? I don't want to be mad at him, but I hope he changes his ways. It is not all the time that our dad will be there to support him financially. He spends money like a king... Like theres no tomorrow. He did not enroll at college. Just spent his money to his friends. I hope one day he will realize what he is doing is wrong.

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  1. Harold Trammel said...
    You have real challenge in front of you. What I would suggest is not at all easy, but it is clear what God wants. Luke 17:1-6 states that we are to rebuke (correct) someone who hurts us and then forgive them. Even it happens many times in the same day, we are to forgive them. If they do not repent, we are still to forgive them (Mark 11:24-25). That is easy to state but is much harder to do. In the example prayer that Jesus gave in Matthew 6:9-15, he states that we are forgiven only when we forgive. That is tough to hear. I suggest that you pray for the strength to endure the hurtful actions and words of your brother. Also pray that you have the courage to lovingly rebuke your brother when he hurts you. It is easy to rebuke but not so easy to be loving when doing it. Pray that God will heal the relationship and change you in whatever way necessary. I'll keep you in my prayers as well. I hope this helps.
    Mr. Kazinec said...
    I'm really curious as to the age of the brother and sister from this story. Is that picture of them when they were younger or is it recent? Aside from that I think it is important to let your brother know that his comments are bothering you. As they say, money can't by you love and the kid that gets more money doesn't equate to more love, the brother should understand that if he is an adult but if he is a child as pictured then that will hopefully come with maturity as he grows up. Best of luck and the best policy is to communicate how you feel.

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