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Meez is a cool site thats created for pure fun and enjoyment. If you haven't tried going to the site, you are losing half of your social life... Meez is both for the young and the young at heart. When you get to the site, you will create an avatar to represent yourself. The avatar can be used in your blogs and other social networks sites.

Then after creating an avatar, you could create your room. Your room could be a living room, band rehearsal room, a really big closet or anything that you like. Once you join you will have 2500 coins instantly. You will need coins to purchase some of the premium items that are available in the site. To purchase coins, you either can join their online playroom to earn points, for the easy way, you could just purchase it with your credit card or your nearest best buy stores. Meez is actually like yahoo avatars, but more sophisticated and loaded with a lot of features.

There is also an online community, where you could chat away with your fellow meez members. They have different topics there that will surely cater to your tastes. It is also a fun time for you and your kid. Most kids now are into virtual world, so why not join in with them, to get closer...


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